Cheers to 10 Years of Email on Acid

10 Years of Acid: A Decade of Helping Email Marketers Send Better Email


Email on Acid turns 10 years old this month—a full decade of helping email marketers QA and send better email.

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Suffice it to say, a lot has happened over the last decade:

  • Our platform now includes Spam Testing, Advanced Email Analytics, Email Editor, and Campaign Precheck tools
  • Our servers run millions of email tests
  • The platform as a whole helps countless brands, from startups to enterprise, enhance their email marketing and increase their bottom line

Email on Acid was also the very first email QA platform to allow users to run Accessibility checks and seamlessly make changes without having to touch your code (unless you want to). This is something we’re especially proud of, given how important accessibility is to both users who need accessible emails and brands who can now reach those subscribers in a meaningful way.

Everything we’ve done in the last ten years (and will continue for years to come) has been in the spirit of saving brands time and budget so they can spend those on higher level marketing activities.

In celebration of our 10th year, we’re highlighting the top 10 things we’re most excited that we’ve gotten to do for our users.

1. Offer unlimited email testing since day 1

Email on Acid started out as an email testing platform. Since our launch, every plan has included unlimited email tests and previews. Over the years, our offering of email clients and devices for email previews has climbed to 80, and we’re not stopping there.

2. Launch the first accessibility testing tool on the market

This achievement particularly excites us. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 1.3 billion people worldwide live with some form of visual impairment. Before Campaign Precheck’s Accessibility feature was introduced, there was no email QA testing platform that would check a brand’s email for accessibility. This was preventing them from connecting with subscribers in a meaningful way who live with a visual impairment.

We’ve seen this feature adopted into more and more workflows, which means that brands are improving color contrast in their emails, making CTAs more visible and easier for subscribers to act on, removing title attributes, and setting presentation roles and alt text.

Gif of adding alt attributes in Campaign Precheck

We credit the tool’s user friendliness for its quick adoption in our customers’ workflows. Having the ability to click a button that automatically adjusts the code to remove title attributes, set presentation roles, and even color correction have been paramount to our customers’ success in using the tool and therefore their subscribers’ enhanced experience with their emails.

3. Run 15,877,223 email tests (and counting…)

We counted these by hand. Just kidding, but as of the publishing of this blog, that is an accurate count.

Also remember, an email test is just the test you run to preview your email across email clients and devices. This number only reflects each individual time someone runs a test and doesn’t account for all of the clients and devices each test populates a preview on.

4. Reduce hours and expenses formerly spent on manual email QA

On average, brands who use our platform save 45 minutes per email, which also translates to $100k in reduced annual expenses spent on email QA. That is a substantial portion of marketing teams’ budgets we’ve gotten to return to them to be put to more creative use.

5. Eliminate the need for multiple platforms to produce one email

Any email marketer or developer is able to come into the Email on Acid platform with no email content, copy, code, anything and create a polished gem that they can be proud to send to subscribers.

With our Email Editor tool, email marketers and developers can create an email either from a template or from scratch, tailor it perfectly to their brand, and then QA it for final deployment. There is no jumping back and forth between code-building and preview platforms when it’s all on one screen.

Email Editor tool preview

By streamlining the email creation and QA process in one platform, email marketers will always have the assurance that the code they’re working with is accurate. This is all thanks to the real time previews in Email Editor and the HTML spell checks in Campaign Precheck.

6. Render endless email threads peppered with screenshots and feedback obsolete

Necessity is the mother of invention. Being a tech company, we love rendering old processes obsolete in exchange for faster, more reliable techniques. This is why we’ve put such a heavy emphasis on the collaboration elements of the platform.

Lengthy email threads and reply-alls to managers and clients during the review, feedback and approval process are officially unnecessary. Thanks to the Mark-Up tool, Share Link, and Email Testing, every stakeholder in an organization can have eyes on and give feedback to email previews in the same platform where those changes will later be implemented.

No piece of direction goes unseen, and everyone stays on the same page throughout the process.

Gif of email collaboration

7. Share HTML hacks for email marketers to level up their emails

Email marketing is so much more than just intentionally-crafted design and a send button. It’s an ever-evolving, bar-raising world of new tactics (like click-to-reveal function) to engage subscribers and get their attention. This is often achieved with the addition of HTML bits and chunks into email code.

HTML goes beyond cool features and functions though. We’ve also done some deep diving into why code behaves the way that it does, such as media queries, responsive emails, and even simple code fixes to use on our platform.

8. Help thousands of customers

Without our customers, we wouldn’t be in business. It’s that simple. Our customers’ success and their feedback is of the utmost importance to us. If the brands who use us have a hard time using their workflow or figuring out a certain tool or simply have a question on their account, we are here to help.

If we’re in the business of saving brands time by using our email QA platform, we’re certainly not going to waste it by sending anyone on a wild goose chase for information. (Although, we do have ample resources, blogs, and how-tos available for solo problem solvers.) That’s why we have real humans answering the phone and responding to messages in real time. And that’s how we’ve achieve five-star customer service.

Not only that, but selfishly, good customer service works greatly in our benefit as well. Every customer service phone call, email, in-app chat, etc. is a learning that we take back to our team for continuous product development and improvement. The app you use online for your account or free trial is what it is thanks to our customers’ feedback.

9. Achieve email testing across 80 clients and devices (and counting…)

Email on Acid may not have started out with email previews on 80 clients and devices, but we sure have them now. We’re constantly improving to add more clients and devices so that brands whose subscribers are on them can guarantee their email will render correctly and quickly.

10. Save brands from rendering issues in Outlook

Outlook can be tricky to play nicely with. While it’s improved, it’s still one of the more finicky clients to please with code, images, gif optimization, etc.

Gif of the gif-optimizer tool

Helping customers navigate HTML tricks and hacks so that their email will be a good experience for Outlook users always excites us. Sending the best emails possible to all subscribers, regardless of client or device, is at the core of email marketing. That’s all the motivation we need to continue finding and sharing our knowledge with users on how to handle Outlook coding issues.

(and then one more for good luck…)

11. Help email marketers and developers spot deliverability issues

Email deliverability is a beast in itself. Spam Testing and deliverability checks show email marketers any issues. These include being on a blacklist, or “spammy” words and phrases that could trigger a spam filter.

Spam filter results

Landing in as many inboxes as possible is the first goal of an email. A trip to the spam folder immediately reduces the likelihood of an open or engagement to almost zero.

Being able to proactively let users know their B2B and B2C deliverability stats, blacklist status, and content issues before they press send has been pivotal in brands’ ability to land in more inboxes with a subsequent increase in engagement and conversion.

Deliverability stats

Moving up and to the right

As our Director of Customer Success likes to say, “we are moving up and to the right.”

Progress is our M.O. and we only achieve that when our loyal customers see success.

It’s been a ride, and we can’t wait to continue building and expanding the Email on Acid platform. Our goal is to continuously make it more and more valuable for brands everywhere with unveiling new products and features.

Thank you for being here with us. We wouldn’t have seen our 10th birthday without you.

Cheers to 10 years and many, many more!

Cheers to 10 years!

Even Great Emails Need to Be Tested

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Author: Melissa Berdine

Venturing from her DC and NYC roots, Melissa made the trek to Denver. With just her dog and a background of copywriting and editing, she joined Email on Acid as content manager. Melissa is known to friends as an avid cook and music festival enthusiast.

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