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Put Your Best Emails Forward – Start Testing on New Clients and Devices

People on your email list are updating their phones, software, and mobile operating systems all the time. The only way to be 100% confident your messages render and function as expected is to test before you send.

That also means it’s extremely important to preview email campaigns on the newest and most popular clients and devices. What worked fine on a Pixel 4 or Outlook 2019 might be a mess on a Pixel 7 or Outlook 2021.

Sinch Email on Acid has your back. We’ve expanded our list of client testing options to include the latest from Android, iOS, and Microsoft. That means whether your emails land in Gmail, Apple Mail, or Outlook, you can use our platform to make sure they always look their best.

What’s new in email client previews?

When we say our product team is always working on the latest devices and clients for our users, we mean it. We are excited to announce the release of these new clients and devices for testing:

  • Gmail App - Pixel 7 Android 13
  • Apple Mail 16 - macOS 13
  • Outlook 2021 - Windows 11
  • Microsoft 365 - Windows 11
  • Microsoft 365 - macOS 13

This makes 17 new email clients we’ve added to our pre-send testing platform in 2023, and we’re not done yet.

You could already preview email campaigns on more than 100 different clients and devices. These latest updates give you even more coverage when conducting email quality assurance (QA).

Testing mobile email clients

If your contact list looks like most others, it’s likely that the vast majority of email opens are happening in Gmail, Apple Mail, or Outlook. However, the mobile device, operating system, and version of desktop software can also impact the way a campaign renders.

That’s why the ability to preview emails in a wide variety of options is such a huge benefit to our users.

Log in now and start testing your email templates to make sure they’re rendering correctly in these newly added clients.

More email testing coverage and more security

New previews aren’t the only thing we’re excited about. We also recently released the industry’s first security protocol that keeps all of your email preview links private and safe.

We call it screenshot authentication, and it helps keep your results secured so bad actors and competitors can’t see what you plan to send.  If you still use other email preview tools on the market, you won’t have this peace of mind.

Protecting email screenshots with secure URLs could be especially important for digital agencies serving multiple clients as well as companies that access our email previews inside their own applications.

Why it matters

We work tirelessly to provide our customers with the latest and greatest email testing technology on the market. With the most client and device coverage paired with the best security, we’ve developed a platform that our customers can trust. And we don’t stop there...

Beyond just preview availability we are always working to create even better experiences for our customers. That’s why in the coming months you can expect:

  • A new and improved user interface (UI) inside the application
  • Previews for the Gmail app on the latest iPhone
  • An updated API for our email analytics
  • A better email testing experience

We’re on a mission to simplify the complexities of email marketing so that you no longer fear hitting the send button. If you’re new to Sinch Email on Acid, try us out with a 7-day free trial.

Stay tuned for more!

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