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For over 10 years, Email on Acid has been working to improve your emails.  From content checks and deliverability, to email rendering, we love adding additional value to our platform while making your job easier—and your process smoother. That's why we're excited to announce our newest release of email collaboration tools and functionality! Our platform gives you the necessary tools to empower your team. From being more creative and productive, to collaborating easier, organizing more efficiently, and getting your campaigns to market faster, Email on Acid helps you deliver email perfection.   Teamwork Gif Our newest release features a suite of tools and functionality designed to help you work more efficiently—regardless if your team is in one location, or spread out across multiple time zones. Check out our newest additions: 

Team Management

Different team members have different needs—and different objectives—so why should they have the same level of permissions?   Our new Email Team Management Tools help users effectively and efficiently manage email marketing teams. It’s a feature-rich tool that brings organization, permissions, and user management to our platform. Users can now organize their campaigns for easy access and set custom user permissions product screenshot - manager user access If you have a large team, our Team Management tool makes it easy to organize campaigns. It also improves collaboration by allowing you to segment your projects with different folders and user permission levels. Ensure the right team members are reviewing the right emails at the right time.  This is also an important feature for those of you worried about client security.  Have clear visibility into what your clients can seeand accesswith our new tool.

Commenting and Approvals

Streamline and accelerate your review process. Now you don’t need to leave our platform in order to comment and discuss email improvements with other team members or external stakeholders.  This helps drive stronger collaboration since our web-based tool will keep a history of all your notes and comments. This also includes intuitive thumbs-up/thumbs-down voting on email previews to quickly see where edits are needed. product screenshot - approvals


All of these new features are available to users on our Professional Level accounts who are on our new pricing structure. Premium accounts on current pricing will have access to project folder organization and commenting on email previews.  If you already have an account but don't currently have access to these features, reach out to to see how you can upgrade your account to start collaborating better today!
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