Reduce Send Anxiety

Reduce Send Anxiety: Deliverability Tips from Return Path (formerly Email Copilot)


Holiday emails are likely the most important-and most anxiety producing-emails you’ll send all year. What can you do to reduce that anxiety and know that your email is going to both look good and make it to the inbox? Email on Acid and Email Copilot teamed up to answer that question, and many more, in their October 8 webinar, “Decreasing Send Button Anxiety.”


You are likely familiar with the services Email on Acid provides that can remedy pre-send deliverability issues. The blog post below, from our partners at Email Copilot, describes steps to take to send a campaign that gets to the inbox.

We’ve all been there before. You build the perfect email campaign, check everything repeatedly with coworkers and tools like Email on Acid. All looks great, so you hit the send button.

You cross your fingers, and hope that all is going well. But, you don’t really know for sure. You have to wait until most of the day has gone by so that you can see if your open and click rates are at least heading in the right direction.

But they’re not. A coworker’s ended up in the spam folder or a customer you know well never got theirs. You might see a higher than normal unsubscribe rate. You might see spam reports. Or, just poor engagement.

So, now what? How do you know what caused this, or where specifically it’s happening? How do you know what to do to fix it?

For most marketers, these are difficult and challenging questions to answer, but they don’t have to be. Learn how you can identify when you’ve got a problem, why you’ve got that problem, and what to do to fix it. In real-time… and without lifting a finger.

Challenge #1: Collecting and Analyzing Data

You’re sending thousands, millions, or even billions of emails each month. Your email program is generating data for every single email that’s delivered, and in some cases, each email can spit off 5 to 10 (or more) different “events” (like bounces, opens, or unsubscribes) that need to be tracked.

To do it yourself, you need to build a system that can connect to your ESP and acquire this data. Once you’ve done that, you’ll want to build an intelligent system to organize and analyze it so you can do something useful with it.

The good news is that Email Copilot has done the hard stuff for you, and it literally takes about 3 minutes to connect. At that point, we’re gathering every bit of data your email program is generating so we can make sense of it for you.

Challenge #2: Knowing WHEN and WHY You Have a Problem

Alerting on issues is tricky. Knowing you have an open rate problem before the day is over is complex. Understanding which of the 100+ bounce types are important is overwhelming, especially considering there are thousands of permutations (with unique text-based language in each). The list of complexities goes on and on.

Over the years, Email Copilot has categorized and organized just about every problem that can occur during email delivery. Our algorithms are mature and can identify problems in real-time, before any human would even notice an issue.

We alert you, in real-time, as legitimate issues arise. We pinpoint exactly which ISP you’re having issues with, and what they’re not happy about. We can dig into subject lines, tags, or campaign information to further hone in on the specifics of why the problem exists.

Challenge #3: Knowing What
to do to Fix the Problem

Getting your problems fixed quickly means more emails to the inbox. That also means your revenue-generating email program can return to its maximum potential quickly. Knowing when and why you have a problem allows Email Copilot to help you fix that problem. We’re on it 24×7, and are here for you so you can relax and focus on building a great email program.


So, what are you waiting for? Email Copilot is easy to use. Head on over to their website to check out the suite of tools that aims to simplify and de-stress your email sending process. And, while you are at it, download our “Reducing Anxiety in the Email Process” checklist to help eliminate the stress in your email marketing process.


Author: Al Bsharah

Al Bsharah is CEO and co-founder of Return Path (formerly Email Copilot). Return Path provides real-time problem identification, root-cause analysis and quick solutions for any email delivery issues you might encounter.

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