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Newsletter Inspiration for Your Next Community Update

It's been a heckuva summer. We've seen brands use handy HTML tricks and thumb-stopping subject lines to spruce up their emails, as well as some best-in-class welcome series. With fall rolling in and as we stand at the precipice of the holiday season, it's the perfect time to think about our newsletters. As we analyze email performance and decide which adjustments to make (or A/B tests to run), here's a dose of newsletter inspiration from global and niche brands alike.

Lagunitas Brews Hoppy Excitement

SL: Brand Spankin' New IPA Mini-kegs!

If your brand is working on something big, it’s more than okay to highlight that over the course of several emails—especially in a newsletter. Lagunitas did just that by dedicating their prime email real estate (above the fold) to their mini keg news. If you have a big announcement for your community, make darn sure to include it in your newsletter. Lagunitas email

Abby Sparks Jewelry Ignites a Sense of Community

SL: Pre-Engagement Purgatory

Relatable content performs so well because, well, it’s relatable. People love to feel like they aren’t the only ones experiencing a phenomenon. This is one of the easiest and most effective ways for a brand to build affinity with their audience, which is exactly what Abby Sparks Jewelry did. By highlighting a conundrum the majority of their audience faces, they are able to “spark” a sense of ‘glad it’s not just me’, and at the same time motivate a click-through to their post on the matter. If there’s a specific issue that you can help your community think about and address, you’re (rose) golden. Abby Sparks Jewelry email

The NYT Piques Readers’ Taste Buds

SL: Maple Butter Roast Chicken Is Everything

Yes it is, NYT. Yes it is. First of all, what a subject line! Upon opening the email, the reader is met with a clean design and a scrollable flow of content. They kept their copy concise and followed their lead recipe with complementary dishes and posts to pique subscribers’ taste buds. The New York Times Cooking's email

Virgin Airlines

SL: This week from

What struck us most about Virgin’s newsletter was the nice variety of information. Featuring a hot air balloon anniversary, work and life tips and spaceships, they include a little something for everyone. Plus, it doubles as an awareness play for anyone not familiar with their brand efforts. Virgin Airline's email

Food & Wine

SL: The Fall Ingredient Guide

Who doesn’t love hygge-inspired recipes during fall? Using a simple single-column layout and to-the-point content, Food & Wine delighted subscribers with fall gastronomy using sophistication and a twist of comfort. Food & Wine's email

Show Us Your Newsletter Inspiration

We know you have them. Share your favorite newsletters in the comments, and whether they're ones you created or received from someone else. We're always on the lookout for the best emails, so show us the ones that inspire you. And remember, the holiday season is upon us. Make sure you have everything you need to send polished emails to subscribers so you achieve every click.
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