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The Ultimate Pre-Deployment Email Checklist

Email On Acid

We've all been there. You've worked for days or even weeks to finalize your email campaign. You set the campaign to send and minutes (let's be honest, seconds) after it launches, your inbox begins to flood and Twitter lights up with questions because something went wrong. "Test" in your subject line. Broken links. Confusing calls to action. Any way you slice it, mistakes were made.

We understand that we are human and sometimes even the best of us make mistakes. But, our ultimate pre-deployment email checklist was designed to help you eliminate the mistakes in your email production process to ensure a flawless campaign every time you set a send. Subject lines, spelling checks, link validation, list selection and more, it's all in the checklist. And the download file includes both a pretty .pdf version and a functional Excel workbook file.


Here's a sneak peek:

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Tanya Wheeler-Berliner

Tanya Wheeler-Berliner

A lifelong word nerd with a background in communications, public relations and marketing, Tanya spends her days debating hyphenation rules and extolling the benefits of the Oxford comma.

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