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19 of the Best Email Marketing Blogs in 2022

Subject lines. CTAs. Countdown timers. Deliverability. And don’t get us started on Outlook.

There are so many elements of email marketing that constantly change, from email client support to design elements like dark mode. When your head’s down in day-to-day email design or campaign development, it can be hard to know where to find the right answers to your questions about topics like email marketing strategy, analytics, developer tips and tricks, design, and deliverability.

Before you turn to endless pages of Google searches, we’ve got you.

Here at Email on Acid, we’re kind of obsessed with email, so we spend a lot of time poring over email marketing blogs from around the internet. We’ve compiled a bunch of our all-time favorites.

Here they are in no particular order…

Blogs for email designers

1. Really Good Emails

If you ever need a dose of inspiration, Really Good Emails is the best place to go. Their comprehensive, 4,000+ email database showcases real emails across every industry, with easy-to-browse categories, including behavioral triggers, abandoned cart emails, webinar invitations, welcome email flows, and more. 

They also run a feature called “Feedback Friday” where they live critique real emails on video. It’s incredibly helpful not just to think through design elements but why they work, and what’s worth taking (and leaving) when you incorporate those elements into your own campaigns.

A few really good posts to get you started:

It’s not blog content, but RGE has some good stuff for email developers too. See something cool you want to try? Check out the "Code" view on individual emails in the collection to see how it’s done and play around with it.

2. ActionRocket

ActionRocket is a creative email design agency and their blog, Email Design Review, is full of email design expertise. Their blog is a great place to go for examples of creative email design or an overview of current design trends to incorporate into your own emails.

You’ll find tips on accessible designs, how design fits into your marketing strategy and the entire email user experience. Each month, for example, they round up some of the best designs that landed in their inbox — so you can see firsthand what brands are doing well, and which elements matter the most to incorporate into your own designs.

If you’re interested in email accessibility, be sure to check out ActionRocket’s Email for All content.

Get ready to launch with these posts:

3. Uplers

Formerly known as Email Monks, Uplers is a full-service email marketing agency that has the advantage of working with hundreds of different companies across a variety of industries, so you can count on their expertise and experience.

Their blog focuses primarily on design and user experience and can provide tons of inspiration for upcoming campaigns, whether that’s thinking about the right fonts to use, making sure you’re not sacrificing loading speed while coding, or the art of putting together the right email sequence. 

Check out these recent posts:

4. MailBakery

Founded in 2008, MailBakery specializes in custom email newsletter templates, so it’s no surprise that their blog is full of fantastic design and coding advice for resilient, use-anytime email campaigns that work across industries and company sizes. They’re a great resource for general best practices, do’s and don’ts, and email design tips to help you build better emails.

A few great recent posts include:

Blogs for email marketers

Clicking cursor and bar chart illustration for increased email engagement

5. Mailjet

Even before Mailjet became one of our sister brands, we’ve loved reading their advice geared toward small businesses and marketing teams-of-one looking to learn more about email marketing. 

Each blog post is organized with a clear table of contents, making it easy to quickly scan for exactly the information you’re looking for across categories like design, automation, deliverability, transactional emails, and more. Mailjet’s blog is a great place for digital marketers to expand their knowledge and gain some email marketing expertise.

Take off with some of these recent articles:

6. Only Influencers

Only Influencers is an email industry community designed for professionals serious about email marketing, and it’s a great resource to connect with other email marketers, designers, and developers. While their community is a paid feature, their free blog covers everything from marketing strategy to top email vendors, agencies, and consultants, and it’s one of the best places to get up-to-date industry news.

Check out these recent posts to get started:

7. Email Critic

A collection of five seasoned email geeks make up the main group of bloggers over at Email Critic, but you'll also find guest articles from a wide variety of industry experts. Scott Hardigree, from agency Indiemark as well as other email-related brands, runs the blog It's a great place to go for some straightforward, trustworthy email marketing advice.

If you're an email geek with some big ideas and opinions, you could submit content and become a guest email critic yourself.

Some choice picks from this email marketing blog:

8. Zembula 

Zembula is an email personalization and dynamic email tool, so if those are topics you want to learn more about, their blog is a great place to start. You’ll find deep dives on every kind of dynamic email, especially for ecommerce and retail brands. 

Read these first:

Blogs for email marketing strategists

email marketer presents budget to execs

9. Iterable

Iterable’s blog isn’t explicitly about email marketing, but it’s full of big-picture ideas about how to think more broadly about marketing strategy and the customer experience and connect your email marketing efforts to your business growth. 

Of course, they have plenty of email-focused posts, too, since email is one of the best channels to foster growth (if we do say so ourselves.) After all, that’s why you’re spending so much time and effort working on all of those campaigns!

Here's some email-focused blog content:

10. Alchemy Worx

If you want your strategy to become more data-driven, Alchemy Worx is a fantastic resource to bookmark. Their blog focuses on how data can help you make better email marketing decisions, from staying on top of industry trends like personalization to better interpreting your email performance and statistics. 

Alchemy Worx is also where Della Quest, one of our top email marketing influencers, does his thing. They regularly publish white papers detailing consumer sentiment and more.

Get started with these posts:

11. Email Marketing Rules

If you want to stay up-to-date on what’s happening in the email industry, and how it impacts your email campaigns, bookmark Chad S. White’s email marketing blog Email Marketing Rules. The industry veteran (currently the Head of Research at Oracle) has a clear, no-nonsense voice that breaks down every update in a comprehensive fashion, from changing privacy protection laws to ongoing email client support changes.

A few of Chad’s posts that rule:

12. Bloomreach

Bloomreach focuses primarily on e-commerce, but their blog covers topics that are relevant for every email marketer, like real-time personalization, the customer experience, and omnichannel marketing. They also keep a section with key insights and research into the future of ecommerce and how that impacts marketing and growth strategies. If your email marketing efforts primarily focus on retail or sales, this is a great resource to check out.

Try these articles first:

13. LiveClicker

For a broad approach to email marketing, LiveClicker’s blog gives you top industry news and benchmarks, focusing on the future of the industry. Browse through topics like personalization, top trends, kinetic email, video in email, and more to understand what’s important to know about where email marketing is headed in the next few years.

Try these posts to get started:

Blogs on email deliverability

delivery truck with email envelope on the side.

14. Spam Resource

If you’re looking for email deliverability expertise, look no further than Al Iverson, who maintains the Spam Resource blog. Al’s email marketing blog has a wealth of content on BIMI as well as email authentication.

There are also deliverability guides for all of the major email clients, and an “Ask Al” column in which he answers questions about things like SPF records, IP warming, and list-building techniques. Come for the deliverability advice, stay for the spam and cheese sandwich recipe recommendation.

Here are some of our favorite posts:

15. Word to the Wise

If you want to learn how to reach the inbox, read the Word to the Wise blog from the deliverability duo, Steve and Laura Atkins. They've been working in email for decades, which is probably where all that wisdom comes from.

You can hear more of the Atkins' story in a very entertaining episode of Email's Not Dead, a podcast from Sinch Mailgun.

Wise words to read for yourself:

Blogs for developers

16. HTeuMeuLeu

Email developer Rémi Parmentier is one of the top email coding experts in the industry, and definitely a blog to bookmark if you’re coding emails regularly. He doesn’t post often, but when he does, he publishes in-depth guides to new design techniques like dark mode and hacks and workarounds for finicky email clients like Gmail or Outlook. If you want a tutorial you know will work, his blog is a great place to start.

Check these out:

17. Mailgun

One of our sister brands, Sinch Mailgun, has a blog that’s ideal for app developers. In this case, it’s not so much about developing emails as it is integrating email functionality into software and applications. 

The Mailgun blog is targeted toward the tech community, but it also includes in-depth advice on email deliverability as well as privacy and security topics that relate to email marketing. Because Mailgun’s services focus on transactional emails, you’ll also find articles about things like creating a triggered email program.

Here are a few articles to peruse:

18. Email Monday

Written by Jordie van Rijn, a specialist email marketing consultant with over 13 years of experience, emailmonday helps email marketers stay on top of emerging trends, explaining strategy and tactics, and providing practical email marketing tips. Jordie covers the gamut of email marketing, but there will definitely be some good stuff for devs.

Having worked with hundreds of brands over the years, you’ll find in-depth guides to the more technical parts of running email marketing campaigns, including tool reviews, ideas on where to use interesting techniques, and overviews of marketing trends.

A few of Jordie’s posts to check out:

19. Email on Acid

We couldn’t leave you without mentioning our absolute favorite blog…ours! You’ll find the best of more than 10 years of experience in the email industry to make sure that email marketers and developers get the most up-to-date information on how to design and develop great emails, like this comprehensive code checklist

Whether you’re just learning how to code email or are a pro looking to double-check one more time if Outlook emails will do what you want them to, you can get all the resources you need right here. 

A few of our recent favorites:

What have we missed? Let us know your favorite blogs in the comments below so we can continue to update this post.

This article was last updated on March 21, 2022. It was also updated on May 7, 2020. It was originally published in May, 2014.

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