7 Awe Inspiring Business Advantages of Video Email

Video has always been the last kid picked for the marketing team, but with the introduction of HTML5 video support he's grown 4 inches and he's got a wicked jump shot. Here are 7 reasons you should consider taking video off the bench to see how it performs in your next campaign.

If you haven't tried incorporating video in your email marketing efforts, now is the time. Only 25% of email marketers are using it currently, so as an early adopter you can stand out from the crowd. HTML5 video has better support than ever, especially for iOS users who will be able to play your video immediately on their device. This can result in massively increased engagement and a 280% higher return than traditional email marketing! We worked with the Email Monks to create this awesome infographic. But don't let me spoil all the stats for you, check it out for yourself. Email Monks infographic Want to know how to embed video? We've got you covered, check out this handy how-to article.
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