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Why You Should Always Validate Your Emails’ HTML

This post was updated on June 19, 2019. It was originally published in November, 2011. Coding errors in web pages is one thing, but errors in HTML emails is an entirely different animal to tackle. Why do email HTML errors hold so much more weight? Because an HTML or CSS error could at minimum result … Continue reading “Why You Should Always Validate Your Emails’ HTML”

45 Reasons Why HTML Email Optimization Should Be a Priority

With a lack of standards for rendering HTML & CSS within the various email clients, email development can sometimes be difficult*.
(* Colossal understatement…)

Even with the use of an email boilerplate, tips, and tricks, it can be rough on any developer to try to account for the many combinations of DOCTYPEs, HTML elements, and CSS properties that make up your email’s foundation.

So, what’s an email marketer to do?