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Women of Email Celebrates Five Years

The Email on Acid team wants to send a "Happy Anniversary" shoutout to Women of Email! Today marks five years since the professional network launched.

Women of Email’s mission is to promote success and leadership among women working in email marketing. The association strives to create positive change and spark professional growth as women build their digital marketing careers.

Over the past five years, it has helped many women discover new opportunities, mentors, and friendships. And these ladies are just getting started!

We recently reached out to Jen Capstraw, a Women of Email cofounder, to get some career advice for email marketers. Jen offered some specific words of inspiration for women and reflected on the last five years. We’ve published her comments here to mark Women of Email’s fifth anniversary.

Email on Acid asked Jen about the kinds of challenges females can expect to face and how the Women of Email network is breaking down barriers and taking on those issues.

“Everyone’s experience is different. While some are derailed by the injustice of bias and discrimination, others are far more fortunate. Our individual levels of privilege and emotional intelligence can factor into career challenges. Those with mental and emotional health issues—often undiagnosed—can find their symptoms exacerbated by their work circumstances, making difficult situations even tougher.

Jen Capstraw, Iterable
Jen Capstraw

A woman’s career can be a joyful journey. Or a series of devastating traumas.

Most of us will fall somewhere in the middle. Many, many studies show that most women face added professional hurdles compared to men.

Before the 2016 founding of Women of Email, it was uncommon to see gender parity among speakers at industry conferences. Access to premium industry events was limited to the privileged. There was little to no visibility on competitive industry compensation rates. And many women felt uncomfortable, silenced, or even attacked in certain online communities.

We’re proud we’ve made significant advances on all of these fronts. What we hear most often from our members is that the greatest benefit of WoE is community: The knowledge-sharing and networking, the encouragement and support, and the building of genuine friendships.

And because our member benefits are free to anyone in the industry who identifies as female, non-binary or genderqueer, the IRS recently reclassified us as a public charity. This status will supercharge our fundraising capabilities so that we can make an even bigger impact on the industry and our members’ careers.”

If you’re interested in becoming a member of Women of Email, you can sign up on the website. If this is a cause you believe in – consider supporting Women of Email. You can also use the website to post email marketing jobs if there’s a position you need to fill.

Follow Women of Email on Twitter, LinkedIn, and join the Facebook Group for more.

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