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25 of the Best Marketing Newsletters for Email Geeks

While you probably spend plenty of time writing, designing, coding, and analyzing the performance of your own newsletters, there’s something to be said about carefully curating a personal inbox experience. So, what marketing newsletters are you reading?

If you need some suggestions, we’ve got them.

This list includes marketing newsletters that are written for email geeks and by email geeks. We’ve also included a bunch of recommendations that fall outside the realm of email marketing.

Don’t see your favorite marketing newsletters on this list? We’re super-duper sorry about that. Please feel free to hit us up on social media and tell everyone what we missed.

Newsletters about email marketing

email brand logos
L-R: Really Good Emails, Email Love, and ActionRocket

First, let’s check out a bunch of newsletters from brands that know email like the back of their hands. These eight options are primarily focused on email design and strategy. They include marketing newsletters from agencies, publishers, and email technology companies.

1. Really Good Emails newsletter

If you’re not already subscribed to the RGE newsletter, you're missing out. Really Good Emails is home to a massive collection of campaigns (10,000+) from all sorts of brands. It’s a treasure trove of ideas for email developers, designers, and marketing strategists.

Their newsletter hits inboxes twice a week. It includes some of the most-popular designs and trends in email marketing as well as a collection of curated articles from email brands, tech publications, and more. Plus, every edition starts and ends with a GIF - one to make you laugh and one to show you how to use them in emails.

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2. Email Love newsletter

Email Love is another excellent website for email design and content inspiration. This collection of “beautifully crafted emails” is curated by Andy King, an email geek from New Zealand who’s been designing and coding emails for over 10 years.
The Email Love newsletter comes out every week and includes Andy’s favorite new additions to the site. By the way, you can submit your own designs and nominations for potential curation.

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3. Email Weekly from ActionRocket

ActionRocket is a digital marketing agency based in the UK that specializes in awesome email marketing. Their weekly newsletter is also awesome.

Remember how video rental stores used to have a shelf of staff picks? That’s basically what you get with this email marketing newsletter. ActionRocket team members share interesting articles, industry news, and some of their own original content too.

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4. Holistic Insights newsletter

There must be something in the water over in the UK - because here’s another email marketing agency with a sweet newsletter.  Holistic is technically an email marketing consultancy lead by award-winning business and marketing author, Kath Pay.

Holistic Insights is a “fortnightly email newsletter” (Don’t Google it, Americans. That means every two weeks.) It features important news and industry articles on email marketing from around the web. You can also sign up to hear about Holistic’s webinars, events, and exclusive guides.

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5. Only Influencers newsletter

This might sound like a newsletter for Instagram pseudo-celebrities, but it’s far from that. Run by Jeanne Jennings, Only Influencers is a members-only group for veterans of the email industry.

The good news is, you don’t have to be a member (or an influencer) to subscribe to this email newsletter. Many of the contributors to Only Influencers’ blog are founders and executives. So, if you like big picture ideas, this is for you.

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The Sinch Email newsletters

Here comes the part where we toot our own horns and promote the email marketing newsletters from our brands. (You knew it was coming eventually.) We don’t mean to be overly promotional but... you don’t want to miss this incredible three-for-one deal!

Seriously... we’re really proud of the content produced here at Sinch Email on Acid as well as by our sister brands within Sinch Email - Sinch Mailjet and Sinch Mailgun. Here’s a little bit about what you can expect from each of our newsletters.

6. The Email on Acid newsletter

Email on Acid’s mission is to simplify the complexities of email marketing. And even if you don’t use our email testing platform for quality assurance, you’re still going to get plenty of help from our newsletter.

We share a lot of our original articles on email marketing as well as tips and tutorials for those who code campaigns. That includes the latest episode of our web series, Notes from the Dev: Video Edition.

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7. The Mailjet newsletter

Mailjet is a leading email service provider (ESP) that serves both enterprise organizations and small businesses alike. Mailjet’s marketing newsletters are packed with content that will make you better at your job and help you grow your business.

We also know that people with lots of different marketing roles are involved in email. So Mailjet expands the scope of the newsletter to cover topics like copywriting, lifecycle marketing, design, and omnichannel communications.

You can also get the Mailjet marketing newsletter in French, German, and Spanish. Just pick your preferred language and scroll down to sign up today:

8. The Mailgun newsletter

Honestly, there’s not a whole lot of marketing in Mailgun’s email newsletters. But maybe that's exactly what you want. Mailgun is an ESP that’s known for powering automated transactional communication at scale with industry-leading email deliverability.

This newsletter is meant for a different kind of developer. If you (or someone you love) work on the technical side of email, this content is for you. It’s also a great resource for app developers who integrate email sending into their products.

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Newsletters from bona fide email geeks

headshots of three email geeks
L-R: Chad S. White, Megan Boshuyzen, and Samar Owais

For those who are already active in the email geek community, or who’ve attended industry conferences, many of the names and faces in this section will be familiar. These seven newsletters are from folks who eat, breathe, and dream about email. If you’re going to subscribe to any marketing newsletters, they may as well be the ones your friends and peers put together.

9. Email Marketing Rules – Chad S. White

Chad White wrote the book on the rules of email marketing. By that we mean he literally authored the book Email Marketing Rules. Chad is a well-known and respected email marketing thought leader who’s also very generous with his expert insights.

Chad currently works for Oracle Marketing Consulting where he’s Head of Research. He sends out his latest musing on the world of email and delivers bonus content to subscribers as well.

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10. emailmonday – Jordie van Rijn

Here’s another name that will be familiar to many email geeks. Jordie van Rijn is a veteran email marketing consultant based in the Netherlands who runs the website emailmonday. His articles include in-depth explorations of topics like the future of email, stats on mobile email usage, and AMP for email.

Jordie’s marketing newsletter delivers his professional insights, tips and tricks, strategic advice and more.

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11. ...It Depends – Megan Boshuyzen

You know her and love her as the host of Notes from the Dev, but what does Megan Boshuyzen really have to say? Find out when you subscribe to her semi-regular personal newsletter. This is Megan unleashed, uncensored, and unhinged. But she’s still really nice.

Megan’s newsletter is called “...It Depends” partly because when you’re looking for a solution to an email coding problem, the answer tends to be preceded by those two words.

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12. The Open Rates Newsletter – Val Geisler

What sets a great email campaign apart from the rest of the pack? That’s what email marketer Val Geisler explores in her weekly marketing newsletter.

Val describes herself as “strangely passionate about email.” You may have caught her at one of her speaking gigs. Val’s Open Rates newsletter features an email campaign breakdown in which she looks at what works and what doesn’t. She calls it an “honest dissection of email marketing campaigns, via email.”

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13. Emails Done Right – Samar Owais

For more best practices and advice, sign up for this newsletter from strategist Sama Owais. Her specialty is helping marketers create emails that convert – especially for SaaS and ecommerce brands.

Among other things, the Emails Done Right newsletter also features breakdowns of email campaigns. Although according to Samar, her videos tend to focus on emails done wrong. She even says she’s “picking fights” in her weekly newsletter. I don’t know about you, but that’s my kind of email geek.

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14. The Weekly Email Marketing Newsletter – Chase Dimond

First of all, you know you wish your name was Chase Dimond. It sounds like a superhero alter ego or a James Bond villain. But Chase is actually a self-described “email nerd.” Now, I don’t know if the email geeks and email nerds get along. However, I’m pretty sure they both hate email posers and don’t even get them started on the email jocks.

Chase is the co-founder of an email marketing agency called Boundless Labs. His newsletter hits your inbox every Monday. It includes advice for ecommerce marketing and campaigns that make money, which seems to be Chase’s specialty.

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15. Type E: – Paul Airy

Paul Airy of Beyond the Envelope is a developer who is a big-time advocate for email accessibility. But he also loves design and typography.

Paul’s newsletter brings email and typography together – which isn’t easy if you know about the challenges of using web fonts in email. The Type E: newsletter is perfect for people who want to geek out over topics including columns, units, font pairing, and accessibility. You’ll also get the occasional “experimental typographic email” from Paul.

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Marketing newsletters to expand your knowledge

Headshots of three digital marketing experts
L-R: Chantelle Marcelle, Ann Handley, and Brianne Fleming

We know you might already be an email marketing expert yourself. So why not stretch yourself and get informed on other areas of digital marketing? There are tons of great marketing newsletters out there. Here are ten options to consider inviting into your inbox.

16. Work the Funnel – Chantelle Marcelle

Email plays a pivotal role in the process of moving prospects through a marketing funnel. Chantelle Marcelle will show you how to work it.

Chantelle is an independent marketing strategist who got started as a journalist and public relations professional. Her newsletter features case studies about effective campaigns, news on marketing trends, and plenty of examples of effective marketing.

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17. Brianne Fleming’s marketing newsletter

Get marketing advice and a splash of pop culture when you sign up for this email newsletter. Brianne Flemming delivers weekly tips for marketers with a lighthearted twist. She uses entertainment and media as a hook for learning about effective strategies.

With this newsletter, you’ll stay on top of marketing trends and the cultural zeitgeist. Brianne even hosts a podcast called Making the Brand, which also centers around pop culture moments. Everyone loves a little celebrity news and gossip. Here’s a way to expand your knowledge while enjoying a guilty pleasure.

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18. Total Annarchy – Ann Handley

Speaking of things everyone loves... the always amiable Ann Handley is pretty hard to hate. (But I guess I’ll keep trying.) She’s the founder of the popular website MarketingProfs, which also has a newsletter that includes advice for B2B email geeks.

But here, we’re recommending Ann’s personal newsletter. According to Ann, this is more of an actual letter than a newsletter. Every two weeks, she’ll let you know about what’s on her mind, what she finds interesting, and what kind of “high-spirited shenanigans” she’s up to.  Those kinds of shenanigans are far better than the low-spirited variety.

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19. This Week in Content Marketing

Email and content marketing go together like chocolate and peanut butter (email gets to be the chocolate). In fact, Mailjet’s Inbox Insightst 2023 report found that Content distribution is the most important business objective for email.

Annual research and benchmarks from the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) backs that up for both B2B content strategy and B2C content marketing efforts. So, to stay on top of this tangential marketing practice, you can sign up for one of CMI’s marketing newsletters.

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20. The Daily Carnage

Keeping track of everything that happens in the world of marketing can feel overwhelming.  A well-curated marketing newsletter is just what you need. And The Daily Carnage from digital agency, Carney, is one of the most popular options.

This marketing newsletter includes a daily selection of handpicked marketing content delivered with a dose of fun. It’ll help you look even smarter when you share something on Slack or in the morning meeting.

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21. Marketing Examples – Harry's Newsletter

While the design of might remind you of your old Myspace page, there’s gold in there. Marketer Harry Dry publishes tons of quick hits covering everything from rebranding vegetables and viral chocolate to writing CTAs and landing pages that convert.

Harry’s weekly newsletter includes three marketing examples, two copywriting tips, and one of his favorite tweets. It’ll show up for you every Monday. More than 130,000 other marketers have already signed up.

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22. Convince and Convert newsletter

Convincing and converting subscribers into customers is one of email’s top jobs. To expand your marketing knowledge, try signing up for the bi-weekly newsletter from the consultants at Convince and Convert. Marketing guru Jay Baer is the founder of this company.

The marketing newsletter covers the gamut of tactics and strategies – from social media and influencers to research and analytics. Understanding these other practices helps you diversify your skills and become a more valuable T-shaped email marketer.

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23. Please Advise

Most marketers are pressed for time, and most of our inboxes are already packed with things to read (and/or ignore). The people behind the marketing newsletter Please Advise understand that. It’s why their daily delivery can be read in just one swipe.

Every newsletter contains an eye-catching visual design, a quick marketing tip, and a recommended app or software. The somewhat irreverent branding and marketing agency Top Hat is behind this newsletter.

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24. Ariyh

Maybe you’re the serious type and you prefer hard numbers and scientific research to joking around. Or maybe you just like focusing on marketing that is proven to work. In that case, check out Ariyh. This email newsletter provides advice based on evidence-based marketing results.

Ariyh delivers actionable insights based on an academic research paper. So, if you believe marketing is as much a science as it is an art, this newsletter brings the brains. It comes from a former Google product marketer named Thomas McKinlay who reads and distills all that research so you don’t have to.

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25. Kyle Akerman’s Measurment Newsletter

Of course, the hard numbers most marketers really care about are their own. But it’s not always easy to assess the true impact of email. Mailjet’s Inbox Insights 2023 report found that 44% of senders feel they are only somewhat able to accurately measure email’s impact and another 11.5% admit they can’t do it at all.

Enter Kyle Akerman and his Measurement newsletter for marketers. Kyle is a Google Analytics expert and he specializes in helping marketers develop better attribution models. A big part of understanding email’s effect is gaining visibility into what happens after subscribers open and click. This weekly newsletter tells you what metrics matter and which ones you can ignore.

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How’s your email newsletter looking?

After finishing your morning routine by perusing your latest subscriptions to marketing newsletters, it’s time to get to work. That probably means making your own email newsletters and promotional campaigns.

How confident are you that your emails will look and function as expected once they reach your subscribers’ inboxes? If you feel a sense of dread and anxiety every time you prepare to hit the send button – we can help.

Sinch Email on Acid is a pre-deployment platform designed to automate and streamline the process of email marketing quality assurance. Our email previews let you see how your campaigns will render on more than 100 different clients and devices. Plus, you can also take advantage of checks for deliverability, accessibility, and more. Best of all? You’ll never hit a ceiling. Every paid plan gets unlimited testing.

Before you send your next newsletter, give Email on Acid a try.

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