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Email Camp 2023 is Coming: Want to be a Speaker?

If you were the kind of kid who loved summer camp, you waited all year to go back and relive the experience of meeting new people, learning new things, and discovering a world away from home.

That’s kind of how I feel waiting for the return of Email Camp. It’s still months away, but we’re already getting excited for all the fun and mind-blowing email explorations that are sure to occur.

But first, we need passionate experts who love sharing their knowledge with the rest of the community. So, we’re opening up our annual Email Camp call for speakers, and we hope you apply.

What’s Email Camp all about?

Email Camp is a live virtual event from the brands behind Sinch Email.

While networking with people at IRL events is great, a virtual event like Email Camp is accessible to just about anyone anywhere. No going through airport security. No struggling to get the hotel Wi-Fi to work. No tradeshow booths. No cost to you at all. Email Camp is free for all attendees.

Email Camp is typically a two-day event in which we hear from industry thought leaders as well as any email geek with a big idea. Here are the dates and details for Email Camp 2023:

  • Day 1: Wednesday, October 4th
  • Day 2: Thursday, October 5th

Sessions usually run from 9 am through 12 pm Central. But we’ll also provide recordings to all registrants if your time zone or a busy schedule make it tough to attend.

What kinds of speakers are you looking for?

We’re sending out an open invitation to anyone who works with email to apply to be a speaker. If you’ve got a hot take on an industry topic, amazing strategic advice, or some incredible tips to share, we want to hear about it.

Most of our attendees have at least a foundational knowledge of email marketing. So, if you’re pitching a presentation, it should go beyond the basics.

For example, last year I teamed up with Avi Goldman from Parcel to talk about component-driven email design systems. There was also a session that took a deep dive into dark mode emails, a hilarious session on high-converting email copy, and a keynote presentation from Chad S. White on email and omnichannel marketing.

Generally, we’ll have separate themes for each of the days. One tends to be more marketing focused and the other is more about the technical aspects of email.

What’s it like to be an Email Camp speaker?

You’ve probably got a bunch of questions surrounding the experience of being a presenter at Email Camp. Let’s get you some answers...

How long are Email Camp sessions?

Most sessions are 30-minutes long. Speakers should aim for a 20-minute presentation so we can leave time for Q&A with attendees at the end. Our panel discussions tend to be 45 to 60 minutes long.

Will I present alone or will someone else be participating?

You could choose to partner up with someone and share the virtual stage (like I did with Avi). Or you could do it all yourself. If we get a lot of submissions on a certain topic, we may invite you to be part of an expert panel.

Do I have to learn how to use a new platform?

Our team will take care of as much of the technical stuff as possible. We want you to focus on your presentation. If you’ve checked out Email Camp in the past, you’re probably familiar with Thomas, our illustrious host.

Thomas takes care of everything from managing the virtual event platform to fielding questions. He sets it up. You knock ‘em down. (Thomas is also an awesome DJ and Email Camp is almost worth it for the music mix alone.) We’ll also have a dry run with every speaker to iron out technicalities before the event.

Thomas host of Email Camp
Our awesome Email Camp host

Will I need to create presentation slides?

We will provide you with an Email Camp presentation template to work with, and we will check everything looks great once you send it over so you're ready to present.

Can I pre-record my presentation?

While we prefer to have speakers present live, we’re totally flexible. So, if you have a scheduling conflict, time zone issues, or an irrational fear of webinars, we’re happy to work with you.

Do Email Camp speakers get paid?

Yes! Even though Email Camp is a free event, most presenters will be compensated for their time and effort this year. If your pitch is accepted, we’ll get in touch about how that will work.

Where do I apply to be an Email Camp speaker?

We’ve created an online form to capture all the information we need. It should only take about five to ten minutes to complete.

Apply to be an Email Camp speaker now >>

We will keep the call for speakers open until mid April. But don’t hesitate to apply.

What else is in it for you?

If we weren’t paying Email Camp speakers, this would be the part where we try to convince you of the benefits of exposure. Maybe you’ve heard that one before. But here’s the truth...

Email Camp really is an awesome way to get yourself in front of a niche audience full of passionate and curious people. Last year, we had more than 3,600 people register for Email Camp, and live attendance was excellent.

However, I would say the real reason to apply to speak at Email Camp is that it’s a chance to give back. We have such an amazing and supportive community. If you’re like me, there have been plenty of other email geeks who’ve helped you out, offered ideas, recommendations, and referrals, or provided encouragement when you needed it.

Events like this are an opportunity to pass along what you’ve learned to the wider community. Pay it forward (no email pun intended).

And if you think about it, becoming an Email Camp speaker is a little like becoming one of the cool counselors at your favorite summer camp. So, apply today with your presentation idea.

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Maybe you’re more interested in sitting back and enjoying the show. Of course, that’s fine with us. You can’t have Email Camp without some campers.

Sign up for Email Camp 2023 updates so that we can stay in touch. You’ll be the first to find out about this year’s fun-filled theme, the list of speakers, and much more.

Until then... we’ll see you all on October 4th and 5th when Email Camp 2023 is prepared for launch.

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