How do I test email via uploading a ZIP file?

This is for people who prefer to work from their local files.

Uploading a zip file should be used with caution because this method accepts absolute OR relative references to your images. If we find a relative reference, we convert it automatically. When you send your final email, image references MUST be converted to absolute references. In other words, this option is for people who understand the importance of absolute references in email but do not wish to convert them during preliminary testing.

How do I run this test?
Run this test by logging into our system and selecting “Email Test” from the left navigation bar. Then select “Upload a ZIP file” from the list of options under “Subject & Content.” Click “Browse” and select the correct .zip file, select the rest of your options, and hit the “Continue” button at the bottom. You’ll need to have all of the elements of your email present (html files, images, css files, etc) in the archive, with the correct relative references. Confirm that this is the correct file on the next screen, and your test will begin.

This is for developers who are used to working from their local files and prefer this workflow.

Many ESPs modify the raw HTML and unless you are sending from that ESP, you will not catch those issues.

This method requires you to go in and initiate the process, this is more time consuming than auto-processing.


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