How do I run a spam test via Email on Acid?

The spam test via Email on Acid will test the deliverability of:

  • Sender Email Address
  • Email Content and Subject Line

To run a spam test via Email on Acid:

  1. Click on Spam Testing from the left-hand navigation.
  2. The test will default to Spam Test Only, but if you would like to run a spam test and receive email previews, click Spam Test + Email Test.
  3. Click Let Email on Acid send my Spam Test emails
  4. Enter the email address, subject line, and either enter the URL for your HTML or copy and paste your HTML into the provided box.
  5. Click Run Spam Test

Once sent, results will begin to display immediately. It can, however, take some spam filters a bit longer to return a response. Give it up to 10 minutes.

If you fail a spam filter, these articles may help you better understand your results:


If you are looking to also test email server reputation, sender email address, and sender IP address check out How to Run a Spam Test Via Seed List.