Which spam testing option should I use?

Generally, seed list testing will provide the most accurate results.

  • If you will be sending your email blast through an email service provider (ESP), we recommend seed list testing.
  • If you will be sending your email blast from your own account or server, we recommend seed list or “Use my SMTP email server to send this test.”
  • If you do not have access to your ESP or sending server info, we recommend “Send my test via Email on Acid.”
    Using this option we can only test #1a and #3 from the list below. This
    is because you’ll be using our sender IP, configuration and so on.


Seed list testing will enable us to test each of the following:
1.) Email Server Reputation
a.) Sender Email Address
b.) Sender IP address
2.) Email Server Configuration
3.) Email Content and Subject Line
4.) IP Blocklisting

You can send your email to a seed list either before or after you
submit this test. The seed list will also be available in your test

NOTE: It is very important that you send a single email to the
entire seed list, if you do not some SPAM results will not be

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