How do I run a spam test via seed list?

If you will be sending your email blast through an email service provider (ESP), Seed List Spam Testing is our recommended option. To do this, cut and paste the email addresses from the Seed List provided and send a test email via your ESP. This extra step is really worth it, and will provide you with the most accurate test results!

This will allow us to test each of the following:

  • Email Server Reputation
  • Sender Email Address
  • Sender IP address
  • Email Server Configuration
  • Email Content and Subject Line
  • IP Blocklisting


To begin your Seed List Spam Test, select the Spam Test button in your left sidebar. This will take you to the Spam Test form.

You can choose to copy the list of emails provided for the Seed List test at that point, or wait until after you’ve clicked ‘Run spam test’.

Please note that you must click ‘Run Spam Test’ for a test record to be created in your Dashboard and for your Seed List emails to provide results.

To copy the list after you’ve started your Spam Test by clicking ‘Run Spam Test’, navigate to your Dashboard and click on the appropriate test. The test will display the list of Seed List addresses at the top for you by clicking ‘View Seed List’, and will automatically exclude any addresses that results have populated for.

If any results are missing for your test after a long period of time, or if you mistakenly send your email before initiating the Seed List Spam Test in your account, re-send the email (with the same subject and content) to the Seed List addresses; this will encourage the missing results to populate. You must send the exact same email with the exact same subject and content in order to associate with your existing test correctly.

Please be sure to send your email directly to the Seed List addresses, without the use CC/BCC/FWD.

Seed Lists are uniquely generated per Spam Test, and you cannot use the same grouped Seed List on multiple Spam Tests. Using the same group of emails on different tests will disrupt the successful testing process.

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