Piperlime.com – A Fresh Take On List Cleansing


One of the most difficult tasks as an email marketer is keeping your mailing list up to date with an active segment of participating recipients. Lately we’ve seen some rather clever and unique techniques for doing just that. This Piperlime.com email is no exception!

Piperlime email

Likely they sent this email to a segment of their list that had been inactive for a pre-determined period of time. It greets their recipients with a playful, light hearted, and witty nudge to stay or go.

From a design standpoint, you simply can’t miss their hot pink backdrop complemented with pops of green and black. Their photography matches their messaging perfectly with a flawless blend of high fashion models and couture accessories.

Great job Piperlime.com for making a seemingly daunting task look seamingly effortless!

*(Special thanks to MaryAnn for the find, and OI for making the share possible!)

Have you designed a stylish email (or seen one you like)? We’d love to add it to our gallery!

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Author: Alex Ilhan

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