Email that make us smile

Emails That Make Our Inbox Smile

It goes without saying, 2019 was a great year for email. We saw a few bad emails sure, but we also read some amazing ones. There were lots of "favorite" emails floating around our inboxes at Email on Acid. To kickoff the new year we decided to spotlight some of our top picks. So buckle up and get ready, these may be just the inspiration you need for your 2020 campaigns.

Welcome Emails

If you don’t have a welcome email or series, make it happen in 2020. With 4x the open rate and 5x the click-through rate compared to other marketing emails, welcome emails can boost your deliverability while setting the tone for your relationship with new subscribers. These email examples truly made us feel welcome.

Step into the future with Booz Allen

One of our favorite welcome emails from Booz Allen

Welcome to Rapha

Welcome to Rapha email

What makes these emails great?

  • They provide value through free content, discounts, and entertaining copy.
  • They get to know their subscribers better by giving them the option to choose what kinds of content they want to receive.

Interactive Emails

Lots of email geeks experimented with interactive elements this year! Steven Sayo figured out how to code a pulsing CTA, and Jay Oram taught us how to create a search bar in our emails. Even our very own developer, Ed Ball, wrote an amazing post on creating scratch-off effects for emails. Check out these other amazing interactive emails—just try to not let them have an effect on you.

Penguin Random House: These beloved books are getting an emoji makeover

Hims: Guys, do you even collagen? (pro tip: you should.)

Hims interactive email

Comcast: The Iron Throne is waitingComcast GoT email

What makes these emails great?

  • They provide value by entertaining subscribers. Not everything has to be about selling all the time!
  • They snag subscribers’ attention and drive engagement.


While the pronunciation debate rages on, email marketers on both sides decided to add a little motion to their emails using GIFs. These GIF email examples moved us to take action.

Vinyl Me Please: On Rotation: BOY BYE

GIF email from Vinyl Me Please

ThirdLove: Have you found your perfect pair?

ThirdLove underwear GIF Email
What makes these emails great?
  • GIFs are attention-grabbing!
  • They’re also great for demonstrating the versatility of a product or ways to use it.

Dark Mode

We would be remiss to not mention this tricky new email design.  Dark mode has a lot of email developers and designers discussing how best to handle it, especially since Gmail doesn’t support dark mode yet. We lowered the lights for these dark mode email examples.

Reelgood: What’s New on Hint: 🍅 & More

Reelgood dark mode email

DesignModo: Black Friday Deal: Buy Postcards, Startup or Slides and Save 60%!

Black Friday email designed for Dark Mode
What makes these emails great?
  • They work on both light and dark mode.
  • Keanu Reeves.
  • Incredible designs.

Are you inspired yet?

From the stellar design, to the clever copy, these emails stood out. We loved seeing them in our inboxes. We hope to see more like them. We look forward to see what you accomplish in 2020, pushing your designs to the next level, optimizing your subject lines and inbox display, and figuring out what the heck is going on with Outlook. And remember, we’re here for you, every single day.
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