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All the Tools You Need for Effective Email Collaboration

Do you send email tests to team members to test and ensure all the links work? Do you send screenshots of email tests to managers and clients to later receive scattered feedback about design? Processes like this are clunky, time-consuming and inefficient. We know because we’ve been there. In addition to the email QA features … Continue reading “All the Tools You Need for Effective Email Collaboration”

Three Brand-Saving Tools That Boost Email Revenue

Ever experienced that stomach-sinking moment when you realize you’ve sent an email with a spelling error or broken link? How about finding out your domain is blacklisted when digging for the reason behind a dip in open rate? These are common issues email marketers run into daily. With 269 billion, buh-billion marketing emails being sent … Continue reading “Three Brand-Saving Tools That Boost Email Revenue”

Campaign Precheck Deep Dive

If you’ve ever sent a broken email, or worse, an email with a typo that triggered unsubscribes, you know the importance of email QA and the stress of pressing send. In this webinar, John Thies, CEO of Email on Acid, with the help of Geoff Traub, guides you through the almost-too-good-to-be-true simplicity of Campaign Precheck. … Continue reading “Campaign Precheck Deep Dive”

Gmail Promotions Optimization

Learn more Note: Gmail does not guarantee that your promotion card will display in every user’s inbox, even if you include the correct code.

Gmail Guide: Bug Fixes, Workarounds and Coding for Gmail Clients and Google Apps

Coding for Gmail isn’t easy; Gmail is one of the quirkiest clients in the email world, and email developers often need coding workarounds to get their emails looking right. We’ve compiled this guide with bug fixes and coding tips for Gmail clients and Google apps. Plus, we made sure to include some exciting information about … Continue reading “Gmail Guide: Bug Fixes, Workarounds and Coding for Gmail Clients and Google Apps”

Getting Started with Email Accessibility

Are you creating accessible emails? If you’re not, you could be missing out on a large population of email subscribers. According to the World Health Organization, more than 1 billion people worldwide live with a disability. Check out this infographic to learn more about the importance of accessible email and how you can craft emails … Continue reading “Getting Started with Email Accessibility”

What Will Land Your Email in the Spam Folder?

Spam. It’s one of the most dreaded words in the email marketing industry. Although we talk a lot about email testing, it’s also important to run spam tests to check your email’s deliverability potential. In other words: Will the email make it into subscribers’ inboxes, or will it land in the spam folder? Here are … Continue reading “What Will Land Your Email in the Spam Folder?”

Email Accessibility: How to Truly Captivate, Communicate and Connect with Every Subscriber

Are your emails accessible? Can users with visual impairments read your message? In this webinar, Email on Acid CEO John Thies discusses the important elements of accessible email, including colors, fonts, layout and more. This webinar was originally presented on July 11, 2018, in partnership with Net Atlantic.

HTML Character Converter

Convert your special characters to HTML code in an instant. Don’t waste any more brain space or time memorizing or looking up code snippets. Just copy, paste, hit the convert button and you’re set. Enter your HTML code with Special Characters Example Text Clear Text Convert

Blue and Whimsical Welcome Series and Abandon Cart Email Templates

These templates, designed by our friends at EmailMonks, will bring a bit of fun and whimsy to your email campaigns. Both the welcome series and abandon cart emails feature a bold header, call to action, and a section to feature products. Plus, we’ve tested these designs on dozens of clients as well as desktop and … Continue reading “Blue and Whimsical Welcome Series and Abandon Cart Email Templates”

Awesome Email Designs Anyone Would Love (and How to Create them for Your Business)

Our inboxes are overloaded with emails, so how can marketers make sure their message stand out? Email on Acid CEO John Thies teams up with iContact Manager of Design Services Jerry Pemberton for a discussion on how to create click-worthy emails that look impeccable in every inbox.

MailNinja “Summer” Responsive Email Template

Designed by our friends at MailNinja, Summer comes loaded with a bunch of great features and a beautiful design that will have your subscribers thinking of refreshing drinks on a warm beach. The template includes a hidden preheader section, bulletproof backgrounds and buttons, and a variety of content sections for you to customize. Plus, it … Continue reading “MailNinja “Summer” Responsive Email Template”

Making the Case for Interactive Email: What’s Possible, Beautiful, and Relevant

Get the Interactive Email low down from EOA’s own Justin Khoo. He’ll chats with Heidi Olsen and Cher Fuller from eRoi about the latest and greatest in Interactive Email – from basics, to more advanced techniques. Learn what it’s like in today’s email landscape.

5 Reality Checks for Every Email Marketer

To help you open your eyes to the many ways email marketing (the process and your results) can be better, we teamed up with stensul to bring you 5 Reality Checks for Every Email Marketer.

Accessibility in Email

Make Your Emails Accessible for Your Customers. Accessibility based marketing is crucial for your business, and needed for your emails. Alex Ilhan and John Thies dive into the simplicities and complexities of accessibility.

The Art of the Click

Adobe and Email on Acid break down email data and what makes email successful. Knowing your audience, and judging your data is key. Learn more with this white paper.

Interactive Email Guide

In this guide we’ll break down the 5 cutting edge coding techniques to make your email interactive and you audience engaged. Plus, we’ll touch on the limits of interactivity, fallback strategy and the importance of testing!

Using Data to Create Great Email Experiences in 2017

In the recording we made with Adobe we break down: Two years of email data pulled from 40,000 email campaigns, critical elements of an engaging email, and how to drive your email strategy in 2017.

Emailology – Responsive Email Template

Coded from scratch and tested across all of our email clients, desktops and mobile devices this template looks fantastic in every inbox. Easily customize it to fit your branding needs.

Gmail’s Responsive Email Updates

Learn what these updates mean for you, as well as 6 tips on how to adapt your emails to the new changes. Want the slides? You can access them here: