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Webinar: Optimizing the Email Experience from Start to Finish

When does the “email experience” begin?

Is it when someone first views a campaign, sees a message in their inbox, or subscribes? We think the email experience really starts as soon as your team dives into planning.

In this webinar, a quartet of email marketing experts explores what it takes to optimize the entire email experience. Join Email on Acid’s Betsy Grondy as she hosts a discussion with Guilda Hilaire of Salesforce, Shannon Crabill of UnitedHealthcare, and Nout Boctor-Smith of Nine Lives Digital.

What you’ll discover in this webinar:
  • Data and strategy: Why reliable data and a solid strategy are needed to optimize email experiences.
  • Planning and evaluation: How email briefs and email audits support your team’s efforts.
  • Copy and design: Advice for intentionally creating an engaging experience for your subscribers.
  • Measurement and testing: How to find opportunities for continuous improvements with pre-deployment testing, split testing, and more.

Watch Optimizing the Email Experience now

Want more insights? Attendees of the live event received a copy of our report Email Marketing Optimization: Building a First-Class Program. Download your own copy to see the results of an industry survey with perspectives from the Email on Acid team.

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