Photos of Email Accessibility hosts for Splat Fest

Email Accessibility: Marketing with Empathy and Inclusion | Splat Fest

According to our recent survey with Ascend2, 57% of marketers say they check every email for accessibility factors. That’s smart!

Subscribers can’t engage with your emails if they can’t read or interact with them. Are you sure your email campaigns are accessible to everyone on your list?

In this insightful Splat Fest session, Email on Acid UX Designer Elise Georgeson and email developer Anne Tomlin of Emails Y’all show us the importance of empathy, accessibility, and inclusion. Learn how to put yourself in your subscribers’ shoes and improve email accessibility.

Email on Acid is passionate about helping marketers reach subscribers with an ideal experience. That includes making emails accessible to everyone. Find out how we incorporate email accessibility features into our pre-deployment testing platform.

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