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Webinar: How to Write Great Emails with Clarity and Effectiveness

The words we use in email marketing matter. Despite all the design trends, interactive content, and flashy media, we fail if our messages don’t resonate with subscribers.

How can you be confident your email campaigns contain clear and persuasive writing?

Get some solid advice and free training in this exclusive webinar for email marketers. We’ve partnered with the team at ProWritingAid to offer advice from a communication expert who’s a master of the English language.

Watch: How to Write Great Emails Every Time

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Why clarity is the key goal for your customer-focused writing.
  • How to create customer-focused writing by asking yourself key questions.
  • How to lead the reader from beginning to end of your email.
  • How to improve readability so your email resonates with customers.

Start writing email copy like a pro

Tom Wilde spent 12 years growing a leading business-writing training company before realizing he could help even more people working at ProWritingAid. Tom’s developed writing courses for global consultancies as well as local governments.

Listen in as Email on Acid Customer Success Manager Geoff Traub joins Tom Wilde for an eye-opening session to help you gain extra send button confidence! Get more advice from ProWritingAid in an article about grammar mistakes that hurt conversion rates.