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Favorite Email Roundup: March 2019


Now that newer versions of Outlook are starting to play nice with GIFs, it seems like brands are adding GIFs to email campaigns everywhere. And they’re popping up in more than just hero images.

So, this month, we’re getting GIFy with it and dedicating our roundup to some animated emails that recently landed in our inbox.

Son of a Peat! (Flaviar)

We can list a few reasons why this Flaviar email caught our eye. Of course, the GIF grabbed our attention immediately, but we also liked the simple layout and the smart copy in the message. The letter style also seemed more personal, which is a great way to get the reader to engage.

Flaviar son of a peat email

A Subtle GIF (Typeform)

Taking another page from the “simplicity wins” method book, we thought this Typeform email did a nice job promoting its latest podcast episode. Aside from the simple design and copy, the email also engages the reader with poignant questions and information. The CTA copy, combined with the ample space around the button, drew us in.

Wait, where’s the GIF? It’s easy to miss, but Typeform adds a small GIFy touch to its logo in the header. We don’t see this often and thought it was an interesting way to add subtle animation to an email.

Typeform podcast email

Here’s a close-up of the Typeform logo:

Typeform animated logo

A Villainous GIF (Colourpop)

This sneak peek email from Colourpop grabbed our attention with a variety of fonts and a colorful, animated background image. The GIF does a great job reflecting the color themes and eerie mood of the new Disney Villain Collection. Plus, the same theme and GIF carry through to the email campaign’s landing page.

Colourpop disney villian email

All Aboard the Onboarding GIF (Asana)

We’ve given shout outs to Asana in the past, but one of our team members wanted to recognize them again – this time for a stellar onboarding email.

Aside from the clean design, Asana does a great job letting you know which features you should try out right away. Asana also makes good use of GIFs and video to help new users understand how the platform works, and they carry those GIFs into the email campaigns.

Asana onboarding email

Transactional Email with Some GIFy Style (Chewy)

Sure, transactional emails aren’t the most exciting emails we get, but it’s always nice to see one that’s well done.

Chewy keeps their order emails clean and easy to understand, with a description and photo of each item the subscriber has ordered. We also love the small animation in the header image (the truck is on its way – yay!) and the clear CTA at the top that allows you to track your package quickly.

Chewy transactional email

Here’s a close-up of the truck GIF in the header:

Chewy animated truck GIF

Show Us Your Favorites

We’d love to hear about your favorite emails, too. Or, tell us what you think of the ones we chose. Either way, feel free to leave a comment below or hit us up on Facebook and Twitter.


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