Certify Your Email Templates as “Acid Tested”


Showcase your bullet-proof email templates with this handy icon set.

“Acid Tested” means a perfect email in every client, every time. Hardcore email testing takes a lot of work and dedication, but the results are priceless. Show your clients that you’re going the extra mile by certifying your templates with either of these two “Acid Tested” icons.

These icons are perfect for designers that offer a portfolio of tested emails for potential customers to browse. If you create email templates, you can use these icons to let customers know your templates have been tested to ensure their renderability. Don’t let the time you’ve put into testing go unnoticed!

Check out our sample acid tested email below.

sample acid tested email

Go Ahead and Show Off, You Deserve It

Looking for a way to show clients how carefully you’ve tested your templates? After testing, you can use the Download or Share functions to share your test results with curious clients and prospective customers. Use “Download” to get a set of the images returned by our service, or click on “Share” to send them to a completed test with no need for an EOA account. We recommend that you hyperlink the “Acid Tested” icon to either the test results for that template or to our certification page.

Acid tested certification
Author: Kyle Lapaglia

Author: Kyle Lapaglia