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Webinar: Engaging Email Content: Earn Attention and Drive Action

What makes one email campaign more engaging than the next? It’s one of the great mysteries of the marketing universe.

Have you ever put the finishing touches on what you thought was the perfect email only to have the results bum you out? You’re not alone. According to our Success in the Inbox report, even “best-in-class” marketers say email engagement is a top priority as well as one of their biggest challenges.

Join Email on Acid’s Laura Horkey as she hosts a discussion on engaging email content with Kelly Lamano of Really Good Emails and Micah McGuire of ProWritingAid.

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If you get the RGE newsletter, you’ve seen some of Kelly’s work. She’s also the Founder and Creative Director of Sunshine Media Marketing. Micah is ProWritingAid’s B2B digital marketing manager. It’s a role that lets her work on her three favorite things: copywriting, user research, and data analysis.

What we cover in this webinar:
  • Why engaging emails always start with a solid strategy.
  • Copywriting tips and effective formulas.
  • Winning subject lines, CTA buttons, and email designs.
  • How to measure email engagement beyond opens and clicks.

Watch the Engaging Email Content webinar now

Those who joined us for the live webinar also received a copy of our report, Building Thought Leadership with Content. Download it for yourself to get insights into how expertise and innovative thinking help fuel your email strategy.

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