Favorite June Emails

June Email Roundup: Roll Out the Welcome Email

Welcome emails are kind of a big deal. For this month’s dose of email inspiration, we’re highlighting top notch welcome emails of all lengths and sizes that made us go ‘ahhh.’

Why are welcome emails important?

A welcome email series initiates and sets the tone for a relationship between you and your new subscriber. Typically, a welcome email series is anywhere from three to five emails long, spanning about a week or less.

According to our friends at Emma, automated emails, such as welcome emails, get 152% higher clicks than regular emails. If you hit a new subscriber’s inbox as soon as they sign up, they’re more likely to click.

A welcome email should be instantaneous, thank the reader for signing up and let them know what to expect in terms of content and email frequency from you. And it never hurts to show off some of your five-star reviews while you’re at it.

There’s no one right way to welcome a new subscriber, and this roundup proves it.

Give Us the Simple Life

Sometimes the shortest emails are what make them the sweetest. It’s not always necessary to get super fancy. If a quick, direct message is in the best interest of your subscriber and their retention, then simplicity reigns supreme.


SL: Welcome to Kalo

Kalo welcome email

What we love:
  • Kalo embraces a less is more approach and keeps their message short and sweet. However, give it a read and you quickly learn they used every syllable purposefully. They remind the reader who they are and why their brand is of value to the subscriber in a perfectly succinct way.
  • Plus, notice that they save the best part for last, making the whole read even more worth it: “and get paid.” Yes, please.

A Welcome Promotion Goes a Long Way

Every new subscriber is someone who has raised their digital hand to be in your audience and receive updates from you around your brand. Whether you offer a promotional code in exchange for their email address up front, or they signed up as an already warm lead who may decide to convert later on, a little discount in the welcome email can go a long way for your bottom line.


SL: Make Your Escape

Getaway welcome email

What we love:
  • Placing their CTA button at the very top of the email guarantees above-the-fold placement, no matter the device.
  • The content has a very natural flow. They briefly tell the reader who they are, followed by the value they provide to guests who travel with them.
  • The content block with the discount offer is prominent among the other lighter-toned content.
  • You can quickly decide where you want to go and get a glimpse of the great times past guests have shared on social.


SL: 15% off: Your exclusive welcome offer

Nautica welcome email

What we love:
  • Again, the CTA takes top billing. Alongside the above-the fold-placement, the use of “activate” makes the reader feel like they won’t get to use their promo code unless they actually click the button. Well played, Nautica.
  • That, plus the design is clean and easy on the eyes.

Forest Co.

SL:Hello! 👋

Forest Co. welcome email

What we love:
  • This young company already has its welcome email sea legs. They inform the reader how often they can expect an email to show up and offer a bit of clarity as to what those emails will contain.
  • They also give their own little twist to the ‘thank you’ element with, “To express our gratitude” before offering the discount. This makes it feel a bit more personal and less brand-y.

Splacer Magazine

SL: Welcome to Splacer Magazine

Splacer Magazine welcome email

What we love:
  • The front-and-center promotion duals as a reminder as to what Splacer is (an event space booking company). Also, the background image with the eye-catching color pops highlight the promotion that much more.
  • As is tradition, they also follow best welcome email practices with the kind of emails they’ll be sending, and why the reader should stay subscribed.

Get Started

If welcome promotions aren’t your brand’s cup of tea, no problem. There’s plenty of email inspiration to highlight with a simple ‘welcome and get started’ message.


SL: Welcome to Calendly!

Calendly welcome email

What we love:
  • They immediately lay out the value of the platform to the reader—namely, saving 208 hours a year. People value their time, so this is an effective motivator to keep the subscriber engaged.
  • Per-son-al-i-za-tion! Calendly removed one step of work for the subscriber, tracking down their Calendly link, and putting it in the email for easy grabbing. That small act alone even reinforces their time-saving messaging and makes it seamless for the subscriber to start using their account.

Felix Gray

SL: Welcome to Felix Gray!

Felix Gray welcome email

What we love:
  • Right off the bat, their reason for being and the comfort and health benefits to the subscriber-hopefully-turning-customer.
  • Since their products themselves are fairly new to the industry, they take an extra second to explain a bit of the science behind their products, which helps to reinforce their credibility and build trust with subscribers.

Show us Your Welcome Email Inspiration

Welcome emails go a long way for a brand’s subscriber retention. Show them your gratitude for a spot in their inbox with a well-designed email or series. Remember, even welcome emails need to be thoroughly QA’d as well.

Have you found other tactics that contribute to your brand’s welcome email (or welcome series) success? We want to hear them. Share your welcome email inspiration and @ us on social.

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