Starting a Campaign Precheck Project

Campaign Precheck is Email on Acid’s preferred tool to help perfect your email campaigns, and it’s considered a best practice to run every time!

To start a Campaign Precheck project

  1. Click on Campaign Precheck from the menu or click START TESTING on the dashboard.
  2. The next step is to load your email to test. We have three options available:
    • Load HTML
      Copy and paste your HTML code into the box, click Next, and your Campaign Precheck is ready to begin.
    • Send from ESP
      We have created a custom email address that will allow you to quickly send your project to your Email on Acid inbox from your ESP. Just copy this email address into a new email from your ESP, paste your code into the email, and click send. You can then locate the project to begin work by navigating to the Projects page on the upper left of the screen. For more on the Projects page, view our How Do I Use the Email on Acid Inbox? help article.
    • Enter URL
      You can enter the URL to your project, and then click Next.
  3. Enter your project name in the Project Name Field.
  4. For Premium, Professional, and Enterprise users, you can use folders to organize projects. From the Save to Folder drop-down, simply choose the folder you would like to save to. For more information on upgrading your account to obtain Project Folder Organization, view our How do I change the term of my subscription? help article. For steps on how to setup Folders, view our Getting Started with Team Management help article.
  5. The next step is choosing a workflow. The default is Our Recommended Workflow, which will take you through all the checks we offer to perfect your email. We also make customizing the flow very easy. To learn more about creating customized workflows, view our Campaign Precheck Email Previews help article.
  6. You’ll find transitional pages that guide you through the Campaign Precheck process. Don’t need them? At the start of any project, you can toggle this feature to turn off transitional pages.

Once you click the Next button, you will move to the Inbox Display portion of Campaign Precheck.