How to run a Full Test from the Email Editor

You can create a full test from an Email Editor project to perfect your content. The editor shows 60 of the top email clients, but Campaign Precheck will show all available clients and allow you to share the previews with others. Click hereto learn how to start an Email Editor project.

To start a Full Test:

  1. First, click Test next to the Design tab as you must run a partial test first. Here you can view the 85 available clients first.
  2. Click Full Test

  3. Click Start Full Test

  4. You will be directed to start a test with Campaign Precheck. Click Next to begin the process, or If you aren’t familiar with how to run a Campaign Precheck, click here to view and walk through the steps.

After you run the full test you can share your preview results, which you can learn more about here.