How to Use the Email Editor

The Email Editor can help streamline your workflow by showing you real-time changes to your campaign. To create a new Email Editor Projects:

  1. Click on Email Editor on the navigation pane.
  2. Enter the Project Name and Subject Line, and if you are using Team Management select a folder to save to.
  3. Chose how you would like to start your project; Enter the URL, Upload a Zip File, Choose one of our Templates, or click Start from Scratch to manually enter your HTML.
  4. Select All Previews to view the 85 previews offered in editor, if you have a custom client list built you can choose that from the drop down or click on Manual Select to manually chose the clients you want to preview.
  5. Click Start Building

Now your Email Editor project is started, you will see your HTML code on the left and the preview on the right. Any changes you make on the right will be immediately available to view on the right. Don’t forget to save your project as you go!

The tool bar on the upper left hand corner will help you with your edits offering Revision History, Image Library, Snippets, CSS Inliner, Character Converter, and Download.

At any time, you can click Change Clients on the upper-right to select different clients to view.

You can click Settings to change the details of the project or to view the project in Dark Mode.

Click Full Test to begin a Campaign Precheck which will allow you to perfect your email checking accessibility, images, links, spam, and our full list of clients!

You can navigate back to your campaign by clicking on the Project page in your navigation and clicking on the project. You can continue to edit and repeat the process until your email is perfect!

Some great points to know about the Email Editor:

    • Images are stored for 2 years after they are uploaded. After two years they will expire, and the URL will no longer be valid.
    • Your email is saved every time you hit the “Save” button on the upper right side of the code pane. If no changes have been made, the button will be greyed out and show “Saved.” Your code will also be saved when you run an email test. We do not otherwise autosave your code. You can use these saves to restore a revision at any time.
    • Editor projects are not able to be shared between users.