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How a true white label email preview integration has improved Iterable’s growth marketing platform.


As a growth marketing platform and one of the industry-leading email service providers (ESP), Iterable aims to offer a robust suite of tools —including email, SMS, and in-app — which ultimately help their clients send better messages and improve ROI. These tools must work seamlessly within the Iterable platform to provide a positive user experience that retains and grows the client base.

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Problem and Challenges

With the goal of being a full-service ESP for its users, Iterable sought a white label integration that could provide email previews and QA. This integration needed to:

  • Provide subscribers with tools to improve email quality and ROI.
  • Retain and grow customers.

However, Iterable faced several challenges in achieving this goal, including:

  • Finding an email preview integration that was truly white-labeled (no outside branding).
  • Balancing cost vs. services provided; getting the most previews and services for their money.
  • Finding a company that provided a true partnership, rather than a typical customer relationship.
  • Finding an email QA platform that provided quick and consistent results.

Proposed Solution/Method

After searching for a white-labeled email preview platform, Iterable integrated Email on Acid’s email testing services in early 2018. With this integration, Iterable users see their email in 100+ email clients and devices, all natively in the Iterable application.

“We initially integrated with a different platform but after switching to Email on Acid we’re now getting much more for our money,” says Dave Schwartz, head of business development and partnerships at Iterable. “We also have more of a partnership with Email on Acid and feel less like a customer.”

Aside from getting access to more email client previews, Iterable’s partnership with Email on Acid provided a true white label solution; there is no Email on Acid branding within the Iterable platform, which creates a consistent user experience.

“Email on Acid is a seamless part of our tool,” says Alyssa Jarrett, senior brand and content marketing manager with Iterable. “It provides the previewing as marketers are getting email campaigns ready, showing them what the email looks like across devices and platforms, and get the confirmation that their email is good to go.”

The previews fit into the users’ existing workflow, allowing them to create an email, preview the design, and send the message all from one platform.

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Once Iterable integrated Email on Acid’s services, they were able to improve their product offering and help their users send better emails. This partnership has helped the ESP retain and grow its customer base.

“Having this integration is extremely important,” says Schwartz. “Without it, we may not have won some of the deals we’ve made.”

Schwartz also notes that having the Email on Acid partnership helps Iterable stay competitive in the ESP market, as it’s a service that similar platforms also provide.

“Our platform is more appealing to the marketer and Email on Acid is a big part of that,” Jarrett says.

About Iterable and Email on Acid

Iterable is an integrated, cross-channel growth marketing platform. Founded in 2013, Iterable aims to empower the world’s leading brands to achieve world-class customer engagement at scale.

Email on Acid is an email testing platform that helps email developers and marketers test their email design in more than 100+ email clients and devices. It also allows users to check deliverability (spam testing) and track email performance. Read more about our white label solutions.

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