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Tips on Asking for Subscriber Data and Building Trust

Getting new subscribers onto your email list can be a challenge. Brands need to be trustworthy, engaging and relevant to motivate people to fill out a subscriber opt-in form. Plus, with how effective it is to send segmented emails, collecting a few more details upfront during sign-up is an efficient way to build out those … Continue reading “Tips on Asking for Subscriber Data and Building Trust”

8 Ways to Segment Your Email List to Maximize ROI

You got someone to opt-in to your list, hooray! But wait… don’t celebrate just yet. If you are going to successfully convert this new subscriber from your emails, you can’t just blast ‘em with general, impersonalized content. So how can you send out emails that speak to an individual and not a crowd? It’s all about list segmentation, people!

Read on for 8 list segmentation tips to boost your bottom line AND check out our infographic on this topic here!

7 Killer Tactics to Grow your Email List through Social Media

Even though the number of active users on social media is constantly on the rise, 77% of consumers still prefer to receive permission-based marketing through email! All too often, though, social media newbies make the marketing faux pas of failing to capture the email addresses of their fans, followers and potential prospects.

Avoid this marketing hiccup by grabbing our 7 remarkable techniques to grow your email list through social media. Enjoy!