Email Development

Telstra Webmail Testing: What You Need to Know

Telstra is one of the largest ISPs in Australia and their webmail serves over 2 million users.

In this post we break down what you need to know about Telstra, the rendering quirks and the HTML it supports.

Add These Two Innovative Email Layout Techniques to Your Toolbox

In this blog, I’ll be looking at two innovative email layout techniques, their advantages and disadvantages, and how they fare with real content. 

Looking at both Mark Robbin’s Table of your Dreams and Rémi Parmentier’s Fab Four Technique.

Making Custom Font Stacks Work in Outlook: Update

If you include a custom font at the top of your font stack, Outlook will
ignore all of your fallback fonts and instead display Times New Roman.

But fear not! As with most Outlook bugs, there are ways to get around

Gmail Now Supports Display: None

Hey email devs! Just wanted to let you know that as of today, Gmail now has full support for ‘display: none;’ when used inline. 

Read on for more info on where display:none is supported and where it’s not.

What to Expect When You’re Expecting the iOS 10 Mail App

iOS has become one of the biggest players in the world of email, and as a
developer I look forward to each new iOS release with apprehension and

The newest version of iOS should be coming out in the next
few months, so we wanted to give you a heads up on the challenges and
opportunities that this new OS will bring.

What You Need to Know about CSS Fixed Positioning in Email

One of the key features of modern webkit based email clients is the
support for more sophisticated capabilities in email design such as CSS animations and interactivity in email.
Animations and interactivity commonly utilize CSS positioning to move
elements within the email.

This article will show you what can be
achieved with fixed positioning.

How a Tracking Pixel can Break Your Email

Yes, a 1×1 transparent image can break your entire layout. Last Friday we sent out a carefully tested interactive email, only to find that when it hit inboxes there was a huge problem. Find out how it happened and what we learned.

Beating Thunderbird’s Checkbox Bug (and Targeting Techniques)

The Thunderbird email client has a peculiar bug when it comes to the
support of checkbox and radio elements.

Learn how to overcome it here, as well as various methods to target your
CSS for Thunderbird.

Absolute Positioning in the Samsung Android Email Client

Although not often discussed in email design circles, the Samsung
email client is a relatively popular email client among users of
Samsung’s Galaxy line of Android phones. It turns out that this client
does not support absolute positioning.

Thankfully there is a technique you can use to mitigate this shortcoming using Samsung’s client specific ids.

Demystifying Meta Tags in Email

Meta tags are a mysterious topic in the world of email development. Many
tags are included ‘for good measure’ without the developer knowing
quite why it’s there.

I’ll cover some of the common uses for these tags in email, as well as some commonly seen tags that you may not really need.

How to Embed Videos that Are Playable in Yahoo! Mail

This article will show you how you can embed videos that are playable
inside Yahoo! Mail by taking advantage of certain Yahoo! Mail markup
that loads the Yahoo! Mail video player.

If you have a lot of Yahoo! Mail subscribers, this simple technique
might pay off for you!

Accelerate Your Workflow with Modular Email Design

Modular design can be applied to email development to create a flexible
framework of pre-tested code blocks that you can mix and
match for any email.

Learn how to speed up your email development workflow.

How to Customize an HTML Email Template in 7 Steps

If you are new to email development, the work of customizing a template
can seem overwhelming.

But don’t worry. We’ve written this blog to walk
you through how to make cosmetic and text changes to a template.

Troubleshooting Line Length in HTML Email

Line length is one of those tricky elements that can cause strange
rendering issues in email clients. These problems may appear to take
different forms as the length of the line changes.

To help you
troubleshoot the problem, I’m going to explain its roots, how to spot it
and how to fix it.

Best Email Development Tricks and Hacks

Over the last year (or so), I’ve seen some pretty incredible tricks and
hacks covered on blogs in the email development community.

Here are a
few that I found particularly useful or groundbreaking, as well as a few
from Email on Acid that I think you might find helpful.

5 Easy Tips for Mobile Optimization

With mobile opens on the rise, responsive design is more important
than ever. With a minimal amount of
effort, you can make your campaigns more effective and enjoyable for
mobile users.

Read on for five ways to polish your template or email.

Using Ghost Columns to Fix Alignment Problems in Outlook

Are your columns not staying side-by-side in Outlook? We have the fix!

We can use the ‘hybrid’ part of fluid hybrid design to constrain these columns so they appear as intended.

Email is Better—Thanks to These Email Developers

Over the last few years, the email marketing community has really come into its own.

We’d like to recognize a few email developers who have been very active in the community. Thank you!

A Fluid Hybrid Design Primer

Fluid hybrid design is on the way to replacing media query-based design
as the go-to framework for responsive emails.

Also known as ‘spongy’
design, this technique creates emails that look great on almost any
device and in almost any email client.

Alternative Uses for Hamburger Menus in Email

Creating a hamburger menu for mobile clients is actually pretty easy,
and the concept can be applied to any kind of information that needs to
be collapsed for mobile users.

In this tutorial, I’m going to use this
technique to collapse information items for mobile users.