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Coding tips and workarounds for the Lotus Notes desktop programs.

1 Why aren't my images displaying?

There could be a couple reasons for your images not displaying.

1. Lotus Notes 6.5 does not support .PNG images.

2. Are you using https references to your images? Sometimes Lotus Notes 6.5 will not recognize the SSL certificate issuer and will display a pop-up warning.

2 Why isn't my CSS working?

Lotus Notes 6.5 and 7.0 have very limited support for both inline and embedded CSS so the best way to get around that is to back up your styles with table and font attributes.

3 How can I get my CSS background working?

Lotus Notes 8 does not support inline CSS backgrounds with a url(). It will remove the entire background declaration.

Since Gmail and Yahoo do something similar, it is recommended that you use the “background” attribute within your TDs and set a bgcolor attribute as a backup.

<td background="http://www.test.com/test.jpg" bgcolor="#000"

4 Why aren't my inline styles working?

If you include an inline RGB decimal value, Lotus Notes 8.0 will ignore the entire style declaration.

To fix this, use hexadecimal values instead:
<td style="font-size:10px; color:#7d7d7d; font-family:Arial; padding:20px; 
This is a TD test

5 Why aren't my embedded styles working?

If your style tag has the “type” attribute in all caps (TYPE) Lotus Notes 8 will remove the entire tag. Example:<style TYPE="text/css"

6 Why are my background colors getting messed up in nested tables?

In Lotus Notes 6.5 and 7.0 – if you are using a background color attribute for your tables, it is a good habit to set an attribute for all nested tables as well.

7 Why do my linked images have a blue border?

This is caused by Lotus Notes trying to make it clear that this is a link. To remove this, add border:0; to your inline styles on the image.

8 Why aren't my RGB colors working?

Avoid using rgb(255,0,0) values when defining font, background, or border colors in this client. Lotus Notes will ignore these styles.

9 Why is my content getting cut off or duplicated?

You might be experiencing a known bug in our Lotus Notes 6.5 & 7 screenshot applications.

Sometimes your email will appear as if it is cut-off and/or portions of your email might appear duplicated. This is caused by the 15 year old, proprietary rendering engine used in legacy versions of Lotus Notes.

10 Why can't I hide elements?

Along with a lot of other CSS properties, Lotus Notes 7 does not support “display: none” or “display: none !important”.