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Webinar: How Email Automation Takes You from Skateboard to Hoverboard

The Future of Email Part III

Moving towards more sophisticated email automation strategies is one of the final frontiers for digital marketers.

Remember how it felt to watch Marty McFly hop on a sweet hoverboard as he either escaped or chased down the future and past versions of Biff? Imagine that same exhilarating feeling when you automate your email marketing.

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Email automation can make your job a little easier and your strategy a lot more effective.

In the final installment of our webinar trilogy with the experts at emfluence, we explored the different levels of email automation and provided some stellar examples of how to take your program to the next level.

Join emfluence’s Cory LaGrange as he talks with Email on Acid Product Marketing Manager Amanda Bacher and emfluence Marketing Director Natalie Jackson about using email automation strategically.

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We cover the value and purposes of:

  • Triggered email automations.
  • Customized email experiences.
  • Using data for strategic automations.
  • Using automation for better engagement and hyper-personalization.
  • Plus much more!

Watch: Take Your Email from Skateboard to Hoverboard

Natalie, Amanda, and Cory share some of their favorite automated email campaigns from different levels of sophistication. And, they explain the strategy behind what makes those emails so effective.

Get even more ideas when you visit the Email on Acid blog to discover 10 B2C Email Automations and 13 B2B Email Automations.

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