Trendline Webinar

The Secret to Deliverability: A Chat with Trendline’s Chris Arrendale.

Curious as to how to achieve increased email deliverability? We hear you.

We recently joined Trendline for an in-depth chat on email deliverability with their Chief Privacy Officer, Chris Arrendale.

Deliverability is always a hot topic in email. Marketers are constantly looking for tips and ways to reach more inboxes and avoid spam folders. In a world of spam traps and blocklists, Chris Arrendale shares his insights around the latest deliverability best practices, spam filters and email authentication, as well as answers to common questions.

Give the recorded chat a watch or bookmark it for later, and make sure your email deliverability strategy is on par with Chris’ advice.

This webinar was originally presented on August 28, 2019.