How do I add a sub-user?

To add a new sub-user:

  1. Sign into your Email on Acid account
  2. Click on your/your user’s name in the top right
  3. Click on ‘User Management’ in the dropdown list
  4. Click the dark gray ‘Add’ button in the upper-right
  5. Select the User Permissions
  6. Designate the User Information
    • Any username/email address
      already in the Email on Acid database will not be available for use. If you
      have difficulties creating a new account, contact for assistance.
  7. Select the ‘I understand this
    is a recurring fee that will be charged to my account every 12 months for this
    one additional user’ when present.
  8. Click ‘Add New User’
  9. Any pertinent charges will
    occur immediately

Each sub-user is charged at a rate of $30 per user, per month unless otherwise indicated in your subscription.

For more details on team management, click here.

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