Add User Email Address Already Has an Account

If you are trying to add a user and you see the error message This email address already has an account this means that for one of two reasons, the email address you are trying to add already has an account in the Email on Acid system. Each email can only be used for one account.

Reason 1: The User is in Inactive

Sometimes a user is already included in the corporate admin account but has previously been made inactive. The good news, it is easy to reactivate the user!

  1. Click on People from your user menu dropdown.

  2. On the upper left side below People, click on Active Users to toggle to Inactive Users.

  3. All inactive users will display. Click on the inactive user you would like to reactivate.
  4. Click Edit User.

  5. Click Make User Active.

Reason 2: The User has an Individual Account.

If the user is not located under your inactive users, this means they have an independent account with Email on Acid. This can be easily fixed as well.

Ask the user to email us from that account and request the existing account to be deleted. When we delete that account, all projects and related information will be removed. You can then add the email address to your corporate account! For security purposes, we will not act on another user’s account without their permission.