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If you’re looking for our forum, we’ve got some good news and bad news.
The bad news: We’ve phased out our forum.
The good news: We have plenty of email resources to help you out.

Image and Font Problems in Outlook

Check out our Tips & Tricks for Outlook coding solutions and workarounds. We also have detailed blog posts on how to code for Outlook 2016 and

Developing Email for Mobile Devices

We have a post covering the basics of media queries, as well as tips for improving your mobile email design. If you’re looking for a responsive email template to help you get started, we have a free one available here.

Design Problems in Gmail

Gmail is one of the trickiest email clients to code for. We recommend reading through these 12 tips for developing HTML email for Gmail, or you can browse through our Tips & Tricks section.

Problems with Tables and td

Check out this blog post on building strong code foundations and another post covering the importance of code formatting. We also have a boilerplate for creating HTML emails.

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