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How white-labeled email testing services improved Net Atlantic’s server reputation and business.

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20+ Years in Business
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As an email service provider (ESP), server reputation dictates business; Net Atlantic must maintain a good sending reputation for retaining and growing their customer base. Not only does Net Atlantic benefit from this good reputation, but their users also benefit by seeing improved email deliverability.

Net Atlantic also aims to maintain its status as a full-service, reliable ESP. It wants to provide a suite of tools that help users create and send better, more engaging emails that ultimately improve ROI.

Net Atlantic Team

Problem and Challenges

Keeping in mind its server reputation as well as its product offerings to customers, Net Atlantic sought a tool that could test email design and deliverability. Their goals included:

  • Improving and stabilizing their sending reputation as an ESP
  • Providing subscribers with tools to improve email quality and deliverability
  • Retaining and regaining customers
  • Increasing customers’ email marketing ROI

In searching for the right tool to achieve these goals, Net Atlantic faced challenges around cost and reliability. In the end, the tool needed to be budget-friendly, fast and accurate.

Proposed Solution/Method

After searching for a cost-effective and reliable testing platform, Net Atlantic integrated Email on Acid’s services in mid-2017.

“At first, we tried integrating a different tool within our platform, but we found that it did not produce test results quickly and did not have a favorable price point for our clients,” says Keith Crook, marketing manager at Net Atlantic.

The white-labeled Email on Acid tools include email testing previews and spam testing. With these integrations, Email on Acid’s testing services are woven seamlessly into Net Atlantic’s existing ESP platform.

For a small fee, Net Atlantic users can add these services to their subscription. The tests fit right into the users’ existing workflow, allowing them to create an email, preview the design, run a spam test, and send the message all from one platform.


Once Net Atlantic integrated Email on Acid’s services, they were able to improve their email server reputation and help their users send better emails. This integration has helped the ESP retain and re-engage customers.

“One of our customers left for a larger ESP but found that it didn’t offer streamlined email testing or spam testing services. After a couple of months, this customer noticed a significant drop in revenue from email marketing, and decided to come back to Net Atlantic,” says Crook. “They’ve realized that having these features available improves engagement and increases the return on their marketing spend.”

Crook also notes that most customers who pay for access to the testing tools use it regularly and have seen improvements in the emails they send, especially to tricky clients like Outlook.

About Net Atlantic & Email on Acid

Net Atlantic is an email service provider (ESP), web hosting platform, and full-service email marketing company. Since adding email services in 1997, Net Atlantic has helped send roughly 85 billion emails.

Email on Acid is an email testing platform that helps email developers and marketers test their email design in more than 100+ email clients and devices. It also allows users to check deliverability (spam testing) and track email performance. Read more about our white label solutions.