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How an Email QA Platform Has Helped MailNinja Grow its Business and Improve its Industry Reputation.


MailNinja is an email agency that serves global clients large and small. The team provides comprehensive email marketing audits to help clients create a clear plan of action for their email marketing efforts. MailNinja also offers custom email marketing training programs and creative teams that design and develop email templates.

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Problem and Challenges

As a growing agency, MailNinja is facing more pressure to produce flawless emails for its clients. MailNinja needs to create a quality email product to strengthen its reputation in the industry and to maintain relationships with existing clients, particularly the larger clients whose emails have wider visibility.

“If we’re producing an email for a big client, it has our name on it, and we need to make sure that when we send the email to the client that it looks great on every email platform,” says Doug Dennison, CEO and founder of MailNinja.

Improving overall quality of emails means the MailNinja designers and developers need to test their code on multiple email clients and devices. They need to ensure that the finished product they send to the client will work for every subscriber, helping the client’s overall email marketing ROI.

“As an agency, we’ve grown in size and footprint, and as we’ve grown we’ve attracted some bigger clients. With this comes a bigger expectation and demand, so we need to make sure everything is perfect,” Dennison says. “We don’t have room for error.”

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Proposed Solution/Method

For years, MailNinja tested their email designs manually using a minimal testing lab made up of a few different computers and devices in the office. This process was time consuming and slowed MailNinja’s email production workflow.

“We were testing emails in-house and didn’t do a lot of virtual testing. We had a couple of phones, a PC and a Mac and we would send ourselves test emails,” Dennison says.

To improve workflow and productivity, as well as the overall quality of their emails, MailNinja began searching for a virtual email testing platform that allowed them to preview emails on more devices than what they had available in the office. The team selected Email on Acid as their testing platform because of the affordable pricing and the range of tools available to subscribers. MailNinja also preferred Email on Acid because the subscriptions include unlimited testing.

“With Email on Acid, there’s a lot more you get for the value,” Dennison says. “It felt less limited than some of the other options out there.”



Since 2015, MailNinja has used Email on Acid as part of its email production workflow. As a result, MailNinja has been able to boost efficiency and improve their service offering.

“Email on Acid has become integral to what we do,” Dennison says. “As more devices and email client versions roll out, it’s become essential to use Email on Acid to make sure our clients’ emails look great.”

Email on Acid has given MailNinja the capacity to test across multiple versions of each email client, Dennison adds, rather than only testing on what is available in the office. This means they can provide a more thoroughly vetted product for their clients.

With their improved quality of work, MailNinja has also been able to boost its reputation, acquire larger clients and increase its footprint as an email marketing agency.

“Email on Acid is our go-to tool,” Dennison says. “We use it every day and couldn’t live without it.”


About MailNinja & Email on Acid

MailNinja is a UK-based email agency that was founded in 2005. Their mission is help clients achieve measurable, positive results from email marketing channels.

Email on Acid is an email QA platform that helps developers and marketers test their email design in more than 100+ email clients and devices. It also includes tools to check email deliverability (spam testing) and track email performance. Try it free today!