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How Inbox Pros used email testing to improve clients’ deliverability and email marketing ROI.


Inbox Pros creates detailed deliverability audits for its clients. These reports help pinpoint problems that may cause an email to land in the spam folder instead of the inbox. The goal of these audits is to help clients improve their email marketing campaigns and ROI. In turn, this comprehensive service helps boost Inbox Pros’ reputation and business.

Inbox Pros Team

Problem and Challenges

As email deliverability experts, Inbox Pros needs to provide its clients robust information on email performance, including spam testing and design renderability. This means having tools to test clients’ emails across a wide variety of email clients, devices and platforms, as well as the most popular spam filters.

“We needed a system that would help us review how emails were rendering so we could advise on possible deliverability issues related to email content,” says Chris Arrendale, CEO of Inbox Pros.

Not only do the audits need to be detailed and informative, they must also be easy to digest. Clients should be able to quickly understand content problems that may be affecting their email deliverability.

Proposed Solution/Method

After searching for a cost-effective, robust and fast testing platform, Inbox Pros started using Email on Acid in 2015. The platform is part of Inbox Pros’ toolkit used to produce reports, audits and consultations.

“We considered other options for email rendering tests but decided that Email on Acid beat the others on price, flexibility and rendering options,” Arrendale says. “The user interface is very easy to use, and we like the variety of options for email rendering.”

With Email on Acid integrated into their workflow, Inbox Pros uses seed list testing to test clients’ emails from several different angles; the team can look at how emails render on different internet service providers (ISPs), browsers and clients, as well as how the email renders without images or as a plain text email. With those results, the Inbox Pros deliverability strategists can go back to the clients with an assessment and recommendations on how they can improve their email deliverability.

“The tests are a timesaving measure for us, because we are able to quickly see results and present them to the client,” says Patrick Timms, a deliverability strategist with Inbox Pros.

Inbox Pros is also able to show results to the clients using Email on Acid’s easy-to-read previews and reporting.


Since adding Email on Acid to its tool kit, Inbox Pros has been able to improve its reporting to clients; it is fast, detailed and easy to understand.
“Client feedback has been very positive on the email previews and rendering assessments,” Arrendale says.

After implementing Email on Acid, the Inbox Pros team has also seen positive results in its turnaround time for email testing.

“One of the biggest value-adds to having Email on Acid is that we can just click a button and the test comes back in a few seconds and that step of the audit is done,” says Zack Aab, a senior deliverability specialist with Inbox Pros. “Then, if I need to fiddle with the HTML at all to try and diagnose a problem, I can make those changes and re-test instantly.”

The Email on Acid tools have also allowed Inbox Pros to differentiate themselves among competitors, as they are able to provide a more comprehensive audit for their clients.

“Email on Acid is a very important part of the services we offer,” Timms adds.

About Inbox Pros & Email on Acid

Inbox Pros is an email marketing, deliverability and privacy consulting firm founded in 2014. Their mission is to improve clients’ email marketing ROI through email deliverability education and one-to-one dedicated service.

Email on Acid is an email testing platform that helps email developers and marketers test their email design in more than 100+ email clients and devices. It also allows users to check deliverability (spam testing) and track email performance. Start your free trial today!