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In business since 1997, Aztek is a leading digital agency. As a full-service agency, they specialize in web design, development, and digital marketing for hundreds of clients, including a major national dog food brand, and a number of industry-leading manufacturers and service-providers. By focusing on growth—and the latest digital trends—Aztek keeps their clients ahead of the competition.

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Problems and Challenges

As a rapidly growing agency with new clients and big goals, Aztek faced the challenge of standardizing their email production; they were weighed down by a manual pre-deployment process. They were also limited to previewing emails only on devices available around the office. Without the necessary tools to speed up their process, or the knowledge if their emails were rendering correctly, Aztek was unable to develop new and innovative campaigns at an accelerated pace.

Then in April of 2019 Robert Davidson, Aztek’s Email Marketing Manager, reached out to Email on Acid. After reviewing their comprehensive suite of tools, they decided to adopt Email on Acid’s platform, thus integrating a fully automated pre-deployment process.

As a result, Aztek’s email readiness process improved almost immediately. In addition to spell check and image validation, they were able to verify accessibility—confirming their client’s emails were accessible for screen readers and other digital assistants. They were also able preview emails on 100+ devices, check for deliverability issues, and leverage advanced analytics to monitor campaign performance.

Email on Acid standardized and simplified Aztek’s pre-deployment process, allowing anyone at Aztek to seamlessly and reliably QA emails.

Solution Highlights

Today Aztek runs all of their emails through Email on Acid’s automated pre-deployment checklist, ensuring every campaign is accessible, error free, and optimized for each subscriber.

“Email on Acid really is a saving grace,” Robert explained. “Their automated checklist saves us about one or two hours of work per email!”

By utilizing Email on Acid’s platform, Aztek was able to scale their level of output, and increase the number of email marketing clients they can support. Aztek is now able to execute a level of scalability and efficiency that didn’t exist before. This ultimately led Aztek to pitch, win, and onboard more clients, while ensuring the highest standard of quality.

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By partnering with Email on Acid, Aztek was able to increase their email output volume, tripling their ROI on each email sent, while improving overall program agility!

“A client’s competitor recently sent a marketing email that said there might be shipping delays,” Robert shared with Email on Acid. “Our client saw the email and within 24 hours we were ready to launch a counter email offering free-of-charge expedited shipping. Because of Email on Acid’s automated checklist, we’re able to be much more agile.”

With Email on Acid, Aztek was able to scale their process, save hours of time, and deliver exceptional quality to their clients. Aztek’s email business has shifted from a mostly reactive state to much more proactive and innovative process. They now have the tools needed to reach their scaling goals.

“Email on Acid has both met and exceeded expectations for what I’m able to do.”
—Robert Davidson, Aztek’s email marketing manager

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Email on Acid offers the most comprehensive and flexible automated email pre-deployment platform in the world. As the industry leader in email readiness, the company’s platform helps developers, marketers, and enterprise organizations deliver email perfection. By upending the arduous process of manually checking an email prior to deployment, Email on Acid achieves efficiencies, improves marketing ROI, and protects brand reputation with its time-saving tools. From end-to-end content checks, accessibility, deliverability, analytics—and email previews on over 100+ clients and devices—Email on Acid’s easy to use platform seamlessly perfects emails. Co-Founded by industry thought leader John Thies, Email on Acid was born out of a desire to help make email marketing better for everyone.

Email on Acid is trusted by top companies like 3M, Celebrity Cruises, Publishers Clearinghouse, IBM, and Hilton, among others. Established in 2009, Email on Acid is based in Denver Colorado. To learn more about Email on Acid, visit