An Inspiring Mother’s Day Campaign by Charity Water – Simply Brilliant!

A Tip of Our Hat…

Finding fantastic marketing campaigns inspires us! That is why we are tipping our hat to Charity: Water for creating a beautiful Mother’s Day campaign that gets straight to the heart of the matter.

Check it out here!

American Eagle Gets Lucky

It’s no matter of luck that American Eagle came out with this colorful promotion just in time for St. Patrick’s Day. We loved the clever use of holiday colors: white text that really pops over a green background.

Anthropologie Keeps it Simple

We loved Anthropologie’s use of imagery and detail in this quick email. Check it out and takes notes for your own campaign!

Old Navy Isn’t Kidding (About Design)

Old Navy took advantage of the F reading pattern by creating an email layout that makes sure their call to action and pertinent sale information fall within the “F.” Learn how to use this technique today.

Acid Approved: American Eagle Celebrates the New Year in Style

American Eagle sent out this simple but fun email for New Year’s Day which just might remind a few of their subscribers of some things that Santa didn’t put in their stockings. Their use of green, white and confetti should remind us of the power of simple color schemes.

Disney Delivers

We loved this simple holiday email from Disney. It had just enough pictures to remind viewers of exactly who they’d be shopping for, and a powerful incentive offer. All that and a shining star!

J.Crew Keeps It Simple

Sometimes it’s refreshing to see an email that is clear and effective without being crowded. This holiday season my inbox has been flooded with emails that feature twenty different items, with more colors than a Christmas tree. This minimalist design from J.Crew was a breath of fresh air.

Kenneth Cole Donates Medical Center to Haiti

Kenneth Cole’s strategy, copy, and design teams did rather well with this one.  With a subject line of ‘Get 15% off by helping Haiti’, what subscriber wouldn’t be intrigued to open this email and see how?  

Banana Republic’s “Style Sheet” Email is looking Spiffy

Quite well known for their stylish threads, Banana Republic has successfully brought their touch to this email reminder. Their use of urgency, strong call to action, and contrasting details make for a visually appealing, yet effective, creative piece.

Toys “Я” Us Doesn’t Play Around with Design

This email combines a custom cartoon illustration with photography that ultimately creates a fun reminder of who the true consumer of these goods is. Calling attention to the savings, however, shows they know who they’re really communicating with.

Pottery Barn’s Simple, yet Bold, Design Lets the Imagery Do the Heavy Lifting

I’m not usually one to be drawn into to the intricacies and options that make up the world of bedding, but this email really caught my attention. Many emails make the mistake of trying to squeeze in too much, Pottery Barn on the other hand, seems pretty confident you’re going to be drawn in.

Nike Says the World Is Your Playground

Nike has grown from a small Oregon based operation, to one of the most prolific sport equipment brands in the world. Their marketing team probably had something to do with that, and this email is a great example of how.