Say goodbye to image blocking, say hello to Mozify!

Now you can get your important message across before and after your images are downloaded.

85% of email clients block images by default. That means that unless your readers opt to download your images, they might be missing your primary call-to-action. Check out some of the samples and case studies below to see how we can help you increase the effectiveness of your next email campaign.

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Optimize for Image Blocking

Mozify allows you to convert any image to an HTML mosaic or to formatted HTML text. When your email is downloaded, your images will appear in all of their originally intended glory.

Creating something from nothing - that's the power of Mozify.
Here are some sample email campaigns:

Turbo Tax Before:

The proof is in the analytics:

Outrigger Resorts

Hospitality Specialists Newsletter

We assisted the Outrigger Specialist Group by optimizing their June 2012 newsletter with Mozify. In comparing the analytics from their May newsletter to the optimized one, the Outrigger yielded a 376% increase in total click throughs!

Though this was not a straight A/B test, it was a BIG boost in overall activity from one month to the next and provided the Outrigger with a chance to re-engage some of their less active recipients.

Raise Money for our Troops Campaign

On the day after Memorial Day weekend 2012, sent a "mozified" email and saw a 36% increase in total donations raised!

We were so thrilled to have witnessed such an amazing response for our US troops! Keep up the great work and cheers to Brian Sisolak for taking the leap of faith with us.

Fairfax County

Connect with Family Fun Newsletter

On a straight 50/50 A/B test to 60,000 recipients, Fairfax saw a 110% increase in total click throughs in areas that we optimized.

They did see an 11% fall off in total open rates, likely due to the fact that open rates are only calculated when images are downloaded. In this case, users were able to see and click on the message without downloading images.

Want a sneak peak? Check out our three part webinar for Mozify:

Introduction Walk Through Best Practices

Based on these stats, 78% of your readers will see your mosaic.
For 21%, it's image blocking as usual and less than 0.5% will see your mosaic only.