Tools that make Email Testing
and Analytics less complicated.

Every email client is different. See exactly how your email will look
in the most popular inboxes, so you can fix any problems
before you send.

Email Testing

Impeccability in the Inbox

If you're a diligent developer or email marketer, it's essential that your email displays correctly in every platform, especially in mobile devices. With EOA, not only can you preview your email everywhere, but our dev tools can help you identify and fix bugs - fast.

Trusted by over 60,000 companies worldwide.

advanced email analytics

Take your analytics to the next level.

Engagement reporting, client tracking, geolocation and so much more...

SPAM Testing

If you don't make it to the inbox, your message won't get across.

Our pre-deployment SPAM test will help you
identify which filters are blocking your emails. We
also provide as much detail as we can squeeze out
of them to help you troubleshoot.