Why don’t I see any data within my analytics report?

This could be caused by a few different things.

Make sure the tracking code is intact and properly placed

Make sure that the tracking code is in your HTML.
We recommend placing it just before the closing <body> tag in your

Tools that place inline CSS may also cause problems with the tracking code. Make sure to run tools that affect your code before you place the tracking code (or add the link tracking and tracking code).

Check a test email sent through your ESP to make
sure they are not altering the tracking code or image pixel, as this
could stop us from collecting data.

If you are using a merge tag, make sure you have the correct tag for your ESP and that it is entered correctly.

Make sure images are enabled

If you are doing test opens, make sure that images are enabled in your
email client and that you are choosing to download them. If images are
disabled or not downloaded, we cannot track data.

Is your code expired?

If you activated your code too early, tracking might have stopped before
the email was sent out. It’s best to activate your code the day you will
send out your email.

Tried everything above?

Please feel free to contact us and we’ll be able to help you.

Note: When using our Email Analytics, we highly recommend selecting a merge tag for the most accurate results. Without a merge tag, we cannot track unique ID’s for subscribers and instead rely on the IP address. This can result in unique customers being identified as one customer because they are on the same IP address.