How to update your credit card on file

You can change or update your credit card information on file at any time following these simple steps:

  1. Click on the Username on the top right of the page, and click Plan & Billing.

  2. On the Plan Settings page you’ll see the Billing + Payment section towards the bottom. Click on Edit.

  3. On the Billing & Payment Information page you can update: Billing & Payment Information

    Note: Your billing address and zip code on your billing information page will need to match what your bank has on file for your payment to be successful. If your card declines, check with your bank to verify this information.

    Update Payment Information
    Under your billing details, you can check the box for Update payment information to add or edit your payment card details.

    Secondary Billing Email
    A secondary email address can be added to receive invoices.

    Update Contact Information
    If you select the option to update your contact information, this will update your address and phone information on your account.

  4. Once you have completed your edits, click Save.

Frequently Asked Questions & Troubleshooting Steps

My card was declined for payment, what should I do?
When a card declines the bank will not give us the reason for this decision, so you will want to reach out to your card provider. They will be able to give you specific details. Some of the common causes are:

  • Incorrect address, zip-code, or card verification code
    • Attempt the payment again after double checking the information on your account
  • Bank security measures
    • Call your card provider to have the fraud hold on your card removed
  • The charge amount is higher than the cards daily limit
    • Contact your card provider to request a daily limit increase

What happens to my account if my card information on file is not up to date for my annual or monthly renewal?
If your card on file is not up to date or declines for your annual renewal, you will be notified and have a 3-day grace period to update your information on file. We will run the charge again automatically after the 3 -day grace period. If you are on a monthly membership, your subscription will be suspended immediately. But don’t worry. You can login as soon as you are able, update your credit card, and renew your subscription.

Note: If your current subscription is no longer offered, you will need to choose a new payment plan upon renewal.