How Do I Use the URL Validation Tool?

There’s not much that hurts more than realizing a link is broken after you send an email. URL Validation checks every link, redirect and UTM to ensure they function properly and send the reader to exactly where they need to be.

Access URL Validation feature by clicking Next within your custom workflow or, select it from the menu at the top left side of the page.

Getting started with URL Validation

Getting Started with URL Validation

The URL Validation process is summarized on the left side of the screen; your email will render on the right. To learn about the special features in the right panel, click here.


Using a URL Spreadsheet

If you have a URL Spreadsheet click, Yes – Please Upload, and upload your spreadsheet.

Using a URL Spreadsheet


URL Validation

  • If you are not using a URL spreadsheet click, No-Let’s Continue.

When you’re not using a URL Spreadsheet


  • A list of the URLs within your email will appear on the next screen.
  • Scroll through and review the URLs from the list provided. A green check will ensure you that the URL and destination are working properly.
  • A red X means you need to review the details.

Are your links good or do they need review

  • Click Preview and you will be routed to the URL provided.
  • Click Details to view the destination details and device details.

URL Details

  • If you need to change the URL, click on the pencil icon and make any necessary changes.
  • When you’re finished click, Next.

Making URL Changes


UTM Validation

  • If you use google analytics and have UTM codes attached to your URLs, or want to add them, select Yes, let’s add parameters.
  • If not, you may click, No, skip this step.

Add UTM parameters or skip this step

  • If you clicked, Yes, let’s add parameters, this is where you will either validate that your UTM codes are consistent throughout your email, or you can include UTMs in your email.
  • For more details about UTMs, click here.
  • If UTMs are already present, they will render within this form and you can verify that they are correct or make any necessary changes. Additionally, if you do not yet have them, you can add them here and within the Additional Parameters tab at the top.
  • When finished setting up the parameters click, Next.

UTM Parameters


To view the guide for Image Validation, click here.





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