How Do I Use the Inbox Display Tool?

This guide will walk you through the Inbox Display feature. You’ll review preheader text, sender name, and subject line; you will also be able to see exactly how your email will appear in various client inboxes.

Once you have selected a workflow and loaded your email into Campaign Precheck, you can select where you’d like to begin, or you can follow the recommended workflow.

  • Locate the menu in the top left and click, Inbox Display to begin.

Where to get started with inbox display

Note: This workflow includes all of the Campaign Precheck features. If your custom workflow does not include each feature, the ones you are not using, or are not part of your subscription, will appear in gray and will not be accessible.

  • The inbox display process will be summarized on the left side of the screen, your email will render on the right. To learn about the special features in the right panel, click here.
  • When you are ready to begin click, Next.

Inbox Display Information and click Next

  • The first field is the Sender Name. This is the first piece of information your subscribers will see in their inbox. The sender name should be trustworthy and recognizable to encourage more opens.

Enter Sender Name

Note: Sender Name and Subject Line are for preview purposes only, this does not alter the HTML.

  • The next field is the Subject Line. Your subject line shows the intent of the email, placing a value message at the beginning of the subject line will encourage subscribers to open the email.

Enter Subject line

  • Next, complete the Preheader Text This field is a summary that follows the subject line in the inbox preview and can give more context to subscribers before they open your email.

Enter preheader text and watch it render on the right

Note: As you type into these fields, they will automatically render in the previews.

  • Scroll through the previews on the right side of the screen. You will see previews of the fifteen most popular devices; including iPhone 6, 6+, iOS Outlook, Android Gmail, Apple Mail, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013/2016, AOL, Gmail, Office 365, and Yahoo.

Note: You may toggle between Mobile, Desktop or Webmail at the top of the screen.

Inbox Display Previews

  • Once you have completed this step, click Next.

Click Next to finish Inbox Display (1)

  • Next, you will see a summary page. You may move back to the previous page, move forward to the next feature, or you may use the menu at the top to select the next step you wish to complete.
  • If you would like to move through the recommended workflow order click, Next.

 Summary page for Inbox display


Acid Tip: This feature allows you to modify your inbox display text to ensure that it reads accurately and purposefully on all devices – take some time to guess and check until you see exactly what you want.


To view the process guide for the Campaign Precheck accessibility feature, click here.




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