How Do I Use the Image Validation Tool?

Image Validation allows you to edit the size of an image in real time. Setting image attributes ensures that the images will render as intended on every device.

You may access the image validation feature by clicking Next following URL validation, or you may select it from the menu at the top left side of the page.

How to use image validation


Getting Started with Image Validation

The image validation process is summarized on the left side of the screen. Your email will render on the right. To learn about the special features in the right panel, click here.  Click Next to begin.

Image validation summary


Default Attributes for Images

  • This screen, by default, displays all the images within your email. The red “X” denotes an issue, while the green checkmark lets you know that your image will render properly. If you would only like to view images that need your attention, slick the Show All Images toggle in the top left.
  • You may select Fix All to adjust all images or you may click through one-by-one to adjust your images. As necessary, adjust the border, width, and height then click Fix.
  • When finished, click Next.

Set default attributes for your images


Note: Edits made to your images are automatically applied to the email HTML and will appear in the preview on the right.


Optimize your GIF

GIFs are a great way to stand out in an inbox! However, not all email clients will display the animation. Instead they will default to the first frame and show it as a single image. It’s important to plan the first frame of all GIFs to ensure the email is optimized for all email clients.

  • This tool allows you to select the first frame of the GIF. The tool will duplicate the frame selected and add it to the beginning of the animation.
  • Scroll to the right and select the image you wish to display first, or to display as a single image in the case that the GIF does not play. Click on the image and click, Apply.
  • Select, Play, to view the new animation.
  • Repeat this and when you are satisfied, click
  • Once finished, click Next.

Optimize your GIF first frame


Optimize your Image Size

You will increase engagement with your message if subscribers don’t have to wait long for images to render; ideally, less than 2 seconds.  To ensure your email images render as quickly as possible, we recommend keeping each image size under 200KB. This step detects the size of each image and offers the ability to compress each one to assist in download time. We offer free hosting of images on AWS and give you the ability to download your new optimized images on the summary page.

  • A useful feature on this page is the email download map, to view the total email download time for each image in your email, click View Email Download Map
  • The map will render in the panel on the right. Click through the various sources to view the download time for each.

View email download map

  • Next, scroll through this page and view your images. The exclamation point icon denotes that the image is larger than 200KB, the recommended size.
  • To optimize all of the flagged images, click on the Optimize All If you elect to change them one-by-one, click Optimize next to each image.
  • Clicking, details, next to each image will open the email download map for the specific image.
  • Once finished, click Next.

Optimize the size of your images


To view the process guide for spell check, click here.



2 thoughts on “How Do I Use the Image Validation Tool?”

  1. At this point, what are the email clients that will NOT display animated gif? do we know what’s the latest on that?

    1. Liz, great question! The answer is a bit tricky. A simply response is Outlook 2007+ mostly, with some international clients that may have spotty support. However, some versions of Outlook 2019 show GIFs, but usually desktop clients like Outlook don’t display all the animated GIF scenes. And it depends on the weight of the animated GIFs with some clients…see, tricky! For more information on GIF support and Outlook, check out our blog post: GIF Support and Outlook: What Can We Do? ( Campaign Monitor also has some helpful tables on “support for animated GIFs in emails.” Good luck with your email GIFs!

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